Terrific Profile on Harvard Law School

There is a great feature on Harvard Law School from Sunday’s Boston Globe that puts a whole new spin on the “is Stanford catching Yale?” question asked on this blog just a few weeks ago.

It turns out that blog post might have been about the wrong school.

The Globe makes a pretty compelling case that it is Harvard – not Stanford – hot on Yale’s heels. Which is great news for law students who seek the name brand and prestige of Harvard and are going to discover that in addition to the pedigree, they might be stumbling into a rapidly-changing and stimulating educational environment.

It is worth keeping an eye on, to be sure. And if nothing else, Drake Bennett’s piece is a great read for anyone interested in Harvard, law school, or even higher education in general.

[Update: The WSJ Blog has also linked to the Globe’s Harvard feature and draws similar conclusions. Interested parties can get their take here.]