Justice Scalia Slams University of Chicago

The Internets are alive with chatter about United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s comments regarding the University of Chicago’s loss of conversvative street cred.

In a Tuesday speech before the Federalist Society, Scalia expressed dismay and regret over the fact that Chicago had “changed considerably and intentionally” from a “rigorous and conservative law school” to … well, a rigorous and less conservative law school, apparently. He complained about the addition of more nuanced classes, stating: “I took nothing but bread-and-butter classes, not ‘Law and Poverty,’ or other made-up stuff.”

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Scalia speech without a bit of controversy and we’re guessing that the University of Chicago Law School isn’t terribly worried, given the fact that today’s law school applicants aren’t exacty taking their cues from Justice Scalia. Far be it for Veritas Prep to say, but our take is that classes like Law and Poverty are probably a good thing and will keep Chicago in good stead with the best and brightest law students.