What Resume Format Should I Use When Applying to a B-school?

A lot of my admissions consulting clients have questions on the resume format. I always suggest trying to find a resume that the b-school actually recommends the current students use when looking for an internship or full-time job. This is a another clue you can give the adcom that will show you really did your homework and that you are definitely interested in their program. You can use Google to dig up these formats but my results via “the Google” have been varied when searching for some formats.

Of course, I do have access to a lot of these formats as I continue to be an active admissions consultant. This is another reason why I will always recommend admissions consulting services if you can afford the fee. My in depth knowledge of the process, including the resume, combined with the collective brainpower of the rest of the Veritas Admission Consultants is a powerful differentiating tool for the applicant.