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AP World History Exam Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep offers AP World History Exam preparation options to suit the various needs of students. One of the primary options Veritas Prep provides is AP World History Exam tutoring. These resources can give your student the tools to prepare thoroughly for this important exam. Because many colleges and universities permit a high score on this exam to serve as a course and credit substitute for introductory-level classes in world history, preparing well for this exam can make a significant impact on your student’s academic career.

AP World History Exam prep will help your student become more familiar with the structure of the exam. There are two main sections to the AP World History exam, and each contains two subsections within it.

The first portion of the features multiple-choice and short-answer questions. There are 55 multiple-choice problems, and it takes 55 minutes to complete. This subsection makes up 40% of the total exam score. The short answer portion of the test has three questions, takes 40 minutes to complete, and makes up 20% of the total score.

In the multiple-choice portion of the exam, questions appear in sets of two to five. Students are required to analyze texts, both primary and secondary images, maps, and graphs. In the short-answer portion, students answer two required problems, and then they choose between two more, so they have an opportunity to answer the question they feel more comfortable with.

In the second portion of the test, one subsection is made up of a document-based question, and one is made up of a long essay. The document-based question takes 60 minutes to complete and is 25% of the total score.

The long essay takes 40 minutes to complete, and it is the remaining 15% of the exam score. In both the document-based and long essay question, students analyze data and make arguments based on historical evidence.

AP World History Exam tutors work with your student to develop a plan for their study time. These sessions help your student learn by delivering content in a manner consistent with their learning style.

This individualized focus creates an intensive and rigorous learning environment, where your student receives feedback to sharpen their skills and build their confidence. These sessions can further augment your student’s AP World History Exam prep by discussing good study practices and test-taking strategies.

AP World History Exam prep from Veritas Prep helps your student to improve in the areas that are most important for them. In this personalized environment, they are able to develop skills and competencies that can help them to make the most of their time spent preparing for the exam. Academic advisors are available online or over the phone to help you register your student.

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