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AP World History Exam Classes Near Me

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AP World History Exam Classes Near Me

As your student gets ready to take the AP World History exam, AP World History Exam classes are a great way for your student to prepare. Many colleges and universities will allow students with a high score on this test to bypass introductory-level college courses in the subject and receive course credit. Therefore, the quality of your student’s preparation can have a significant impact on their academic future.

The AP World History exam has two main parts. Within each main part are two subsections. The first portion of the exam contains a subsection with multiple-choice questions and a subsection with short-answer questions. There are 55 multiple-choice questions and they take 55 minutes to complete. The multiple-choice questions comprise 40% of the exam score. There are three short-answer questions that take 40 minutes to complete, and these questions comprise 20% of the exam score.

The second main portion of the AP World History exam contains one document-based question and one long essay question. The document-based question takes 60 minutes to complete, and it is 25% of the exam score. The long essay has 40 minutes allocated for it, and it makes up 15% of the exam score.

Throughout the exam, students will answer questions relating to primary and secondary documents, images, maps and graphics, and scholarly arguments relating to history from the year 600 BCE up to the present. Within sections that do not contain multiple choice questions, students may have the choice to choose between a few options, in order to answer the question they believe they can answer most effectively.

AP World History Exam classes give your student the opportunity to put intentional focus into their test preparation. The benefits of this kind of test preparation include building familiarity with the sorts of questions on the exam, developing good study habits, and giving your student the chance to practice test-taking strategies.

AP World History Exam classes from Veritas Prep equip your student to effectively prepare for the AP World History exam. When applying to college in a competitive environment, a high score on an AP test can improve your student’s application. If you believe that an AP World History Exam class from Veritas Prep could help your student make the most of their time preparing for this exam, contact an academic advisor online or over the phone. They would be glad to help you register and start your student on this next phase of their academic career.

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