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AP Psychology Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Psychology Exam Courses Near Me

Veritas Prep offers AP Psychology Exam courses to help your student maximize their time preparing for this test. The AP Psychology exam can be an effective way for your student to improve their college application, receive course credit, and avoid taking college-level introductory courses in Psychology. In addition to the logistical benefits that a high score can provide to your student, taking an AP Psychology Exam course and the exam, is a great opportunity for your student to build study habits and skills that can carry through their academic career.

The AP Psychology exam takes two hours to complete and is made up of two parts. The first section, Multiple Choice, has 100 questions and takes 70 minutes to complete. The Multiple Choice section accounts for 2/3 of a student’s score on the exam. In the Multiple Choice portion, students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of a range of course topics, and they will need to apply their skills of comparison and interpretation to course concepts related to scientific theories and methods.

The Free Response portion of the exam has two questions, takes 50 minutes to complete, and makes up 1/3 of a student’s score on the exam. In this section, students analyze a scenario with concepts they have learned in the class, from different theoretical frameworks. Also, they will have to critique, analyze, or design a research study based on what they have learned.

Throughout the AP Psychology exam, students will demonstrate their understanding of sensation and perception, a biological basis of behavior, developmental psychology, and other key psychological theories and ideas.

Studying well for any exam requires time and resources. AP Psychology Exam courses are offered with the needs of your student in mind. By taking the time to become more familiar with the content featured on the exam, your student can increase their confidence as they prepare for the AP Psychology test. Additionally, as your student prepares, they can develop their study skills and habits, as well as improving their test-taking strategies.

AP Psychology Exam courses from Veritas Prep augment your student’s present understanding and helps them maximize their preparation opportunities for this key exam. Given that applying to college can be a competitive process, every advantage can make a difference. If you believe that the opportunities an AP Psychology Exam course offers could make a difference for your student’s academic career, contact an academic advisor today online or over the phone.

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