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AP Psychology Exam Classes Near Me

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AP Psychology Exam Classes Near Me

AP Psychology Exam classes are a way to secure college credits before actually taking a class in college. AP classes are designed to be similar in some ways to the classes you would take in college, but with a little more flexibility. If you’re thinking of taking an AP Psychology Exam class, then look no further than Veritas Prep. Our prep classes can support you as you pursue your exam goals.

An AP Psychology Exam class is designed to help you understand the subject material and course content in a way that can have you feeling more confident on the day of the exam. This class will cover content that includes Biological Bases of Behavior, Motivation and Emotion, States of Consciousness, and Research Methods. This content can help you understand the class material more by allowing you to compare and interpret different concepts covered over the course of the class.

If you’re looking at signing up for AP Psychology Exam classes, then you may already know a little bit about the exam and some of its material, but if you don’t, here’s a general overview.

This class will end with a cumulative final exam consisting of a multiple choice and a free response section. The exam will look to test you on your ability to define, compare, and apply concepts and research findings. Terminology, theories, and scientific methodology related to each content topic covered through class.

The multiple choice section will consist of 100 questions and you will be tested on your ability to define and explain content that was part of class teachings. You will also be tested on your ability to apply your understanding of class content through comparison and interpretation of class concepts, theories, and scientific methods.

The free response section will only consist of two questions, but these questions will test your ability to critique, design, or analyze a research study as well as your ability to apply concepts from different theoretical frameworks to analyze a unique scenario.

Signing up for AP Psychology Exam classes through Veritas Prep can be quick and simple. We have academic advisors standing by online and by phone that are able to sign you up today. The same advisors can help answer any further questions you may still have and explain more of our services if desired. Allow us to provide you the support you need to feel ready as you walk into the test.

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