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AP Music Theory Exam Tutoring Near Me

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AP Music Theory Exam Tutoring Near Me

Veritas Prep offers the resources to help if your student is getting ready to take the AP Music Theory exam, and you want to make sure their college-level understanding of the material is solid. Our AP Music Theory Exam tutoring can cover the content of the exam and provide valuable practice time so your student understands the material and the test format. Contact an academic advisor today to learn more.

The AP Music Theory Exam covers key topics such as Musical Terminology, Notational Skills, Basic Compositional Skills, Musical Analysis, and Aural Skills. If your student requires help in any one of these areas, AP Music Theory Exam tutors can focus on what they have the most opportunities in. Tutors can begin by assessing what your student already knows and creating custom lesson plans to help them reach their goals in terms of knowledge, applying their skills, and reaching for success on the exam.

The exam covers several content areas. These include pitches and intervals as well as scales and keys. If your student needs to better understand the structure of chords or the basics of meter or rhythm, their tutor can spend time on topics of interest and need. An individualized study plan can be created. Your child’s tutor can patiently cover topics and details on the test format to help them prepare, develop study skills, and improve their confidence.

Split into two sections, the AP Music Theory Exam begins with 75 multiple choice questions. Section 1 is 80 minutes long and covers 45% of the exam. Section 2 is the free response section. Consisting of nine questions, it is 55% of the total exam. Students have 80 minutes to complete each section.

Since the exam covers a lot, advance preparation is crucial. The help of AP Music Theory Exam tutors can afford much-needed practice so your student is prepared for the test. Tutors are also flexible, able to meet online at times that work within your student’s busy schedule. Best of all, tutoring provides the individualized support any student needs to address their concerns or skills gaps in advance, so they are able to approach the exam with confidence.

To boost your student’s chances of reaching their test goals, and potentially earning college credit and/or bypassing introductory courses, contact an academic advisor online or by phone. Veritas Prep can provide AP Music Theory Exam tutoring so your student receives the right kind of prep for an exam that can potentially impact their academic and professional future.

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