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AP Music Theory Exam Prep Near Me

If you’ve been looking to kick your AP Music Theory Exam preparation into high gear, we may be able to help! The Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams for short) allow high school students to demonstrate what they have learned in a college-level class in order to earn college credit. Needless to say, you want to put your best foot forward on exam day. Veritas Prep offers a variety of AP Music Theory Exam prep tools to help students like you develop the study skills needed for academic success.

The first step in AP Music Theory Exam prep is to understand the formatting of the test. The exam is split into numbered sections “1″ and “2.” Section 1 consists exclusively of multiple-choice questions. Students have approximately 80 minutes to answer 75 questions addressing topics such as musical terminology, notational skills, basic compositional skills, musical analysis, and aural skills. This section is worth 45% of a student’s total score.

Section 2 covers the same topics in a free response format, meaning that students must compose their own answers instead of selecting from a predetermined list. You have roughly 80 minutes to answer a total of nine questions on this segment of the exam. Seven of the questions require a written response akin to an essay format, for which you have approximately 70 minutes.

The two remaining questions are sight-singing exercises in which you have 70 seconds to learn a short melody of 4-8 bars and 30 more to perform and record it. You may sing in a pitch that works for you if the original is a poor fit for your voice. Section 2 accounts for the remaining 55% of a student’s score.

We offer a variety of AP Music Theory Exam prep packages to suit students of all budgets. For example, private AP Music Theory tutoring allows you to learn at your own pace. If you have a hard time analyzing music after listening to it once, your tutor may provide tips to help you focus on the most important elements. AP Music Theory tutors can also build study sessions around your individual interests and learning style. For example, a rock music fan may find the musical notation of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” more engaging than a classical piece, even if it isn’t the most traditional method.

AP Music Theory is a difficult class culminating in an even more challenging test, but you shouldn’t give up. Academic advisors are currently standing by to help you work through all of the AP Music Theory Exam prep options offered by Veritas Prep. We look forward to helping you reach for academic success!

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