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AP Music Theory Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Music Theory Exam Courses Near Me

If you have been on the lookout for a quality AP Music Theory Exam course, Veritas Prep has you covered! The Advanced Placement (AP) Exams allow students to experience college-level study before they finish high school and earn transferable college credit for their work. AP Music Theory is intended as a general introduction to the musical world, including how to sing, play instruments, read and write music, compose, and analyze music by sound. If you feel that your test prep could use a boost, our AP Music Theory Exam course may help improve your self-confidence heading into the test.

One of the first topics in our AP Music Theory Exam course is the formatting you can expect on exam day. The test is divided into two sections numbered one and two for simplicity. Section One contains 75 multiple-choice questions on topics such as rhythm, melody, musical notation, intervals, pitch, meter, and scale. Most students complete this section in approximately 80 minutes, and it accounts for 45% of a student’s final grade.

Section Two contains nine free-response questions, seven of which are written. If you could more articulately express your ideas in writing, you might want to practice your outlining skills to make it easier to organize your thoughts on exam day. Most students give themselves roughly 70 minutes for the written component of the test.

The two remaining questions are sight-singing exercises in which you have 70 seconds to study and rehearse a short melody (from 4-8 bars) before recording a 30-second performance of it. You may begin in the pitch indicated or one that better suits your voice. Students generally need 10 minutes for this final portion of the exam. Section Two is worth 55 percent of your total score.

The AP Music Theory Exam is tough, but may become easier with the right preparation techniques. For instance, you might consider analyzing the music you enjoy most to make the studying process more engaging. If you love Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift, working with their music instead of classical pieces may prove beneficial to you. Likewise, working with a singing coach may help improve your self-confidence for the performance aspect of the test.

Whether you plan to pursue a career in music or just want to knock out one of your general education requirements early, Veritas Prep’s AP Music Theory Exam course can help you develop the study skills you need to work toward academic success. Please reach out to an academic advisor either by phone or online today for more information!

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