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AP Music Theory Exam Classes Near Me

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AP Music Theory Exam Classes Near Me

When test preparation is on your mind, Veritas Prep’s resources may be just what you need to get up to speed. We offer AP Music Theory Exam classes that provide an overview of the topics on the exam, and the practice needed to get prepared and work on your study skills and confidence. Doing well is not only about getting a passing grade; you may also have an opportunity to access college-level material, bypass introductory college courses, and earn college credit.

The AP Music Theory exam, taken by high school students, has two sections. Section 1 has 75 multiple-choice questions you must answer in 80 minutes. A second free response section includes nine questions you also have 80 minutes to complete. Section 1 is 45% of the exam while Section 2 is 55% of the test. From Musical Terminology to Notational and Basic Compositional Skills, to Musical Analysis and Aural Skills, there are many topics to be covered in an AP Music Theory Exam class.

Each class is structured to meet the needs of students preparing for the exam. A variety of topics are covered in detail based on the foundational knowledge needed to reach for your goals. The class accounts for content areas on the exam such as pitches, intervals, and scales and keys. These all require practice to learn; the AP Music Theory Exam class provides you with exposure to help with becoming more familiar with not only the content but the format of the exam. You can also gain exposure to knowledge of chords, meter, and rhythm, which are equally important elements of music theory.

Preparing in advance for the exam enables you to address the challenges you’ll face head on. Your fundamental understanding is just as important as studying efficiently and building your confidence. Exposure to the test format and the types of questions you can expect can eliminate any uncertainties and provide you with insights into what considerations to give when approaching each question. You’ll have 160 minutes to complete the entire exam, so it’s important to be prepared and efficient to improve your chances of reaching your desired performance level.

Veritas Prep’s AP Music Theory Exam classes are easy to sign up for. Just contact an academic advisor by phone or online for assistance; advisors are prepared to answer your questions and explain what services we have to offer. You can trust Veritas Prep for resources to help you study for the AP Music Theory exam.

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