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AP Microeconomics Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Microeconomics Exam Courses Near Me

Veritas Prep now offers an AP Microeconomics Exam course to help you shore up any gaps in learning and to focus on reaching your test score goals. As a high school student, you may be preparing for this exam to earn college credit or skip past an introductory course once you start college. To learn more about how a preparatory course can help you in advance of the test, reach out to an academic advisor with any questions or concerns you may have.

There are two sections to the AP Microeconomics Exam. The multiple-choice section is 66% of your exam score. It includes 60 questions, answered in 70 minutes, that assess your knowledge of economics content and reasoning ability. Some of these questions present hypothetical situations that you will be required to analyze in order to answer correctly. The free response section is 33% of the AP Microeconomics exam. Over 60 minutes, you’ll be required to answer one long question that’s 50% of the section score and two short questions each worth 25% of the section score. Questions in this section require you to analyze unique scenarios and data presented in graphical format.

The AP Microeconomics Exam course provided by Veritas Prep covers what you need to know to prepare for the exam. It can familiarize you with the test format and help you work on your pacing to ensure your working knowledge is sufficient for completing the exam in time. You can also gain more efficient study skills. In addition, the course can cover the topics assessed on the exam, including Basic Economic Concepts, The Nature and Functions of Product Markets, Factor Markets, and Market Failure and the Role of Government.

Designed to provide high school students with advanced preparation, the AP Microeconomics Exam course provides the support to help you concentrate on becoming more fluent in the topics you’re learning. By improving your working knowledge and study skills, you may be better-equipped to face the challenges presented on the exam. In-depth explanations and real-world examples can be used to further your understanding, especially when it comes to specific industries and product markets and the economics of business in general.

Veritas Prep has made it easy to find assistance with our AP Microeconomics Exam course. Just contact an academic advisor by phone or online to ask questions. Signing up is simple as well, so you can receive the test prep to focus on building your confidence.

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