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AP Macroeconomics Exam Prep Near Me

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AP Macroeconomics Exam Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep provides expert AP Macroeconomics prep support to help students reach for their potential on the final exam. When the test is getting closer, many students find motivation in the possibility of earning college credit with a passing grade. If you are the parent of a student taking this course, you know how beneficial it could be if your student were able to bypass introductory econ courses and start college with some credits under their belt. Getting ready for this exam can be a challenge, but AP Macroeconomics preparation services from Veritas Prep can help.

Our AP Macroecon prep helps students learn about the ins and outs of the exam. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and three free response questions. The multiple-choice section tests a student’s knowledge of topics from the entire course and challenges their reasoning ability as they apply that knowledge to hypothetical situations. The free response section provides test-takers with scenarios and graphical information. Students must use what they know from the course to provide written analysis through 2 short form response questions and one long form response question. Students will get 70 minutes to work through the multiple-choice questions and 60 minutes to write their responses. The multiple-choice section accounts for 2/3 of a student’s exam score, and the remainder comes from the free response section.

Our AP Macroeconomics prep services help students hone their understanding of concepts from the course and how to apply them on the exam. We can help students review economic theories, the financial sector, stabilization policies, international trade, and other central topics in macroecon.

One way we help students get ready for the AP Microeconomics exam is with private tutoring. Tutors can work directly with students by assessing their current understanding of course concepts and their ability to apply what they know. Using this information, AP Microeconomics tutors can customize a study plan to fill any gaps in understanding and focus lessons on a student’s most significant areas of need. The one-on-one AP Microeconomics prep support a tutor can provide is both effective and flexible because sessions can take place online at a time that works for any student’s schedule.

The AP Macroeconomics exam can be difficult, but finding the right support to help your student prepare to the best of their abilities doesn’t have to be as hard. Veritas Prep can provide the AP Macroeconomics prep support your student needs to build confidence heading into the test. Contact our academic advisors online or by phone so that we can help your student prepare for this potentially impactful test.

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