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AP Latin Exam Prep Near Me

If you’re determined to get the highest possible score when you take your AP Latin final test, consider signing up for one of Veritas Prep’s AP Latin Exam prep options. High achievers like you, or anyone taking not only Latin in high school, but challenging themselves with AP Latin, know the value of taking advantage of assistance in striving to reach your goals. There’s no reason to isolate yourself as you study for the test, and every reason to obtain AP Latin Exam prep help from professionals like Veritas Prep.

One way to avoid any anxiety is to be familiar with what you’ll be facing on test day. For example, the AP Latin final consists of two sections. The first section contains 50 questions, 20 of which will focus on readings from Vergil and Caesar, and 30 on sight reading of both prose and poetry. You have up to an hour to complete this section, and it makes up half of your total score.

The second section involves a number of practical tasks, including correctly translating one passage each by Vergil and Caesar, writing an analytical essay in response to a given prompt, and providing short answers to 5-7 questions each based on Vergil and Caesar. With the help of quality AP Latin Exam preparation guidance, you can be confident in your ability to demonstrate your proficiency in reading and comprehending, translating, contextualizing, and analyzing texts in Latin.

The most personalized study help Veritas Prep can offer is setting you up with private AP Latin Exam tutoring. Working one-on-one with a tutor gives you the chance to make your study time as efficient as possible. AP Latin Exam tutors are entirely flexible, and once they determine your strengths and challenges regarding Latin, they can develop completely customized study plans to meet your unique set of needs. If you have a particular learning style, your private tutor can take advantage of that to provide you with information using that style.

Another benefit of private AP Latin Exam tutoring is the ability to work together to create the original study plan, and the flexibility to change it as you progress. As the two of you discuss important themes in Latin history like literature, Roman values, war, and philosophy, your tutor can track your improvement so you always know what you’ve mastered, and what needs additional work.

Veritas Prep takes pride in providing students like you AP Latin Exam prep assistance. Contact an academic advisor now to learn more and get signed up, so you can start working towards your future success today.

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