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AP Latin Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Latin Exam Courses Near Me

For those students who will take the AP Latin exam, the quality of their preparation can influence their test-taking experience. Veritas Prep offer AP Latin Exam courses to give students an opportunity to make the most of their AP Latin studies. If your student is taking the AP Latin exam, a high score could earn them course credit and the privilege to skip introductory-level Latin courses in college. Additionally, the benefit of taking a college-level course can have other positive impacts on your student’s academic career.

The AP Latin exam has two portions. The first is Multiple Choice. There are 50 questions in this section, and students have one hour to complete them. The Multiple Choice section accounts for half of a student’s score on the exam and includes questions related to readings from Vergil and Cesar, as well as questions related to sight reading poetry and prose selections.

The Free Response portion of the AP Latin exam takes two hours to complete and accounts for the other half of the exam score. The section requires students to translate one passage of Vergil, one passage of Caesar, and complete an analytical essay. Also, there are five to seven questions about a passage from Vergil and five to seven questions about a passage from Caesar.

The goal of the AP Latin exam is to demonstrate a student’s ability to read and comprehend Latin poetry and prose and to measure their ability to translate Latin text into English in a literal manner. Additionally, students are expected to understand Latin text in the Roman literary, historical, and cultural context, and students must be able to analyze the linguistic and literary features of Latin texts.

AP Latin Exam courses provide your student with a thorough study experience. The AP Latin exam involves complex topics such as literary genre and style, the relations of human beings and the gods in Roman mythology, and Roman values. To prepare for these subjects well requires good study habits, skills, and resources that provide clear information. As your student becomes more familiar with the topics found on the AP Latin exam, they may find that their confidence increases as well.

AP Latin Exam courses are an excellent way to augment your student’s study time. If you believe that the resources found in an AP Latin Exam course could help your student with their preparation for the AP Latin exam, contact an academic advisor at Veritas Prep online or over the phone. They would be glad to help you register your student and get them started on this next phase of their academic journey.

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