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AP Latin Exam Classes Near Me

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AP Latin Exam Classes Near Me

Look no further than Veritas Prep if you need help studying for your AP Latin final exam. We have developed an AP Latin Exam class to meet your needs. The most advanced students recognize the benefits of asking for help, and we understand that high school students, like you, who are taking AP Latin are among the more advanced students. That’s why we know it’s important for you to get a good score on the final exam so you can reap the rewards of the time you’ve spent learning this ancient language.

When you take one of our AP Latin Exam classes, you’ll have the opportunity to review all the content covered on the final exam. You can make sure you’re comfortable with your abilities in reading and comprehending, translating, contextualizing, and analyzing text in Latin. On the test, you’ll be asked to demonstrate how well you can read and understand both poetry and prose from selected authors and translate Latin text into English as literally as possible. You can also show that you’re able to identify the Roman historical, cultural, and literary themes related to specific Latin pieces.

The actual AP Latin exam is broken up into two sections. For the first section, you’ll be allotted 60 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions based on readings from Vergil and Caesar. For the second section, you’ll be given 120 minutes to complete a number of tasks that require the integration of all you’ve learned in your AP Latin class. You’ll translate passages from Vergil and Caesar, write an analytical essay based on a given prompt, and complete a number of short-answer questions, again based on writings from Vergil and Caesar. Your scores from section one and two each contribute 50% to your final score.

Latin used to be the core part of a classical education. That was many years ago, but the language is actually experiencing a new upsurge thanks to the recognition that we use Latin every day, whether directly or indirectly. Curious to know what Veritas Prep means? When you look it up, you’ll see that our AP Latin Exam classes are a trustworthy way to prepare for your test.

Whether you’re interested in learning more or you’re ready to sign up for a Veritas Prep AP Latin Exam class today, you can do so by contacting an academic advisor. They’re awaiting your call and look forward to helping you work towards maximizing your potential on the AP Latin final exam.

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