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AP Human Geography Exam Tutoring Near Me

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AP Human Geography Exam Tutoring Near Me

If you’re interested in AP Human Geography Exam tutoring, Veritas Prep can help you pursue your academic goals. The AP Exams and their associated high school classes allow students to experience a college-level workload before they graduate from high school. Universities and colleges throughout the country also award college credit to students who successfully pass an AP Exam, though minimum score requirements vary between institutions. If you want to take your test prep to the next level, AP Human Geography Exam tutors could improve your study skills.

One of the benefits of AP Human Geography Exam tutoring is access to a knowledgeable expert who can answer any questions you have regarding the test’s content or formatting. Students enrolled in AP Human Geography study the migration of peoples around the world, with special attention paid to their cultural, political, and economic reasons for doing so. The class also discusses the impacts of industrialization and land usage in both rural and urban areas.

The formatting of the test is fairly straightforward. It is divided into numbered sections (Section 1 and Section 2) that each represent 50 percent of your final grade. Section 1 contains 75 multiple-choice questions that you have one hour to complete. You will need to define, explain, and apply geographic concepts and know how to interpret geographic data in order to answer the questions successfully.

Likewise, Section 2 utilizes a Constructed Response format with three questions and a 75-minute time limit. Students are required to synthesize topical areas, analyze geographical concepts, use real-world examples to illustrate geographic concepts, and interpret graphs, photos, maps, and diagrams in order to succeed on this section.

AP Human Geography can seem difficult to prepare for because it combines two subjects that don’t often appear together: social studies and science. On the social studies side, you’re working with politics, world cultures, economics, and the narrative writing skills necessary to tie them all together. Meanwhile, studying population patterns and interpreting raw data are more scientific skills. While high school students are used to separate blocks of English Language Arts/social studies and math/science, changing that paradigm promotes a superior understanding of the subject matter.

AP Human Geography Exam tutoring is flexible, allowing students to concentrate on their unique areas of opportunity. For example, a skilled writer might work on their graphical interpretation skills, while a future scientist might focus on essay-writing instead.

If your test prep could use a boost, Veritas Prep can refer you to AP Human Geography Exam tutors today. Please contact us with any questions you have!

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