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AP Human Geography Exam Classes Near Me

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AP Human Geography Exam Classes Near Me

If you’ve been considering an AP Human Geography Exam class, Veritas Prep offers a product you should know about. High school AP courses provide students with the unique opportunity to experience undergraduate-level work before they graduate high school. Most universities and colleges around the country also award credit to students who pass an AP Exam, though what qualifies as “passing” varies from school to school. If you feel that an AP Human Geography Exam class could help you reach for your academic potential, please reach out to an academic advisor today!

Many students enroll in AP Human Geography Exam classes to develop a greater familiarity with the material and structure on the test. AP Human Geography studies the migration of groups of people (called populations) from one region to another. This field may be studied on multiple scales, as one person moving from New York to Florida probably has completely different motivations than the Irish immigrants who moved to the United States in the wake of the Great Potato Famine. Specifically, the course looks at the cultural, economic, and political motivations behind large-scale migrations from one place to another.

The course also looks at how variables such as Industrialization, food production, and urban land use influence migration patterns. Class time is also spent on statistical analysis and how to effectively compose a narrative essay.

The exam itself is split into two, evenly-weighted sections. Section One consists of 75 multiple-choice questions pertaining to geographic concepts. You have one hour to answer all of the questions on this segment of the exam.

The test’s second section utilizes a constructed response format that requires students to compose original answers. You will be tested on your ability to synthesize different topical areas, analyze geographic concepts, provide real-world examples of geographic concepts at work, and provide detailed analyses of graphs, maps, charts, and verbal descriptions. You have 75 minutes to answer three essay questions on this section.

AP Human Geography is kind of a marriage between social studies and science, a combo that most high school students have limited experience with. Thankfully, there are many ways to prepare for the exam. For example, you might want to work on your outlining skills to make it easier to compose essays within the time allotted. Alternatively, performing a historical experiment may help bring some of the pertinent scientific concepts to life.

At Veritas Prep, we take pride in offering a comprehensive AP Human Geography Exam class that meets student needs. Contact an academic advisor using the information provided below for more details!

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