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AP European History Exam Prep Near Me

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AP European History Exam Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep can help you prepare for your upcoming test with an AP European History Exam prep program. You may have a higher chance of entering the college of your dreams upon doing well on the exam, or you may receive college credit. You know how vital it is for you to do your best, because you want to be ready for future college courses you may take. We understand some of the challenges the test brings, so we try to make things more efficient and effective by offering you an AP European History Exam preparation service.

The AP European History Exam is a test that assesses your knowledge of European history, ranging from 1450 to today. Its questions are predicated on concepts like course themes, learning objectives, and disciplinary practices and reasoning skills related to AP history.

It has 60 questions, with 55 of those questions being multiple-choice. There is a 55-minute time limit for that section. It makes up 40 percent of the exam. Three questions require short-answer statements, and you have 40 minutes to answer them. It’s worth 20 percent of the exam score. One question is document-based and has an hour-long time limit. It comprises 25 percent of the test score. The long essay question has 40 minutes to complete it, and it’s worth 15 percent of the total score.

An AP European History Exam prep program may be just what you need to prepare for your test. Here at Veritas Prep, we can assist you with developing confidence and adopting good work habits.

AP European History Exam tutoring is one of our most popular services. These AP European History Exam tutors are accessible online, so you can speak with them without having to go anywhere. They’re also willing to conduct sessions in ways that align with your learning style. For example, if you take in information better with your eyes, they can provide books or slides for you to view. They’re even open to offering relaxation techniques to try to calm you down if you’re a bit nervous about the exam.

Building your knowledge on European history may lead you to paths like teaching or traveling. Regardless of what your goals are, we at Veritas Prep are here to help you along the way. To commence signing up for an AP European History Exam prep option, please fill out our form or call us today.

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