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AP European History Exam Courses Near Me

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AP European History Exam Courses Near Me

If you’re a major history buff, especially when it comes to European history, you may benefit from an AP European History Exam course, through Veritas Prep, to help you study for the test. We take pride in the fact that our services assist young pupils like you, going after their academic goals. Reach out to a representative to learn more about it.

Because you’re interested in taking an AP European History Exam course, you may already know some of what the subject entails. Below is an overview of the course and the test.

The AP European History Exam tests students’ knowledge of European history. Its main focus is on the period that ranges from the year 1450 to the present day. The questions on the exam are related to learning objectives, course themes, and other components.

This test has two sections, each divided into Part A and Part B portions. Section 1 Part A contains 55 multiple-choice questions, where students need to analyze maps, images, and texts. Its questions appear in sets of two to five.

Section 1 Part B has three short-answer questions. Students are required to answer two questions, but they can choose between two different options for the third question. The first two questions cover the period between 1600 and 2001. The third question allows students to answer a question that covers the period of their choice, between 1450 and today. This part expects students to analyze the interpretations of historians and historical sources.

Section 2 Part A possesses one document-based question related to the years 1600 to 2001. It requires students to access quantitative, visual, and written sources, plus create an argument based on an examination of historical evidence.

Section 2 Part B involves one long essay question that lets students choose a question among three different time periods. They need to explain and examine issues in European history, as well as develop a supporting argument. Students have three hours and 15 minutes to complete the test.

With AP European History Exam courses, you receive ample support so that you can face what lies ahead. They can help you build effective study skills; plus, they can instill confidence, if you’re a little anxious about the exam.

Would you like to learn more about how AP European History Exam courses can help you? Connect online or dial the number to connect to a Veritas Prep representative today. They are looking forward to working with you, as you strive for your academic goals.

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