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AP European History Exam Classes Near Me

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AP European History Exam Classes Near Me

Veritas Prep offers AP European History Exam classes that can help you study more effectively prior to the final exam. There is so much content introduced during this year-long course, and even the best student knows they can’t remember every detail, especially if you last reviewed an historical period at the beginning of the year. When you take advantage of the help and guidance offered in one of Veritas Prep’s AP European History Exam classes, you demonstrate your dedication to doing your best on the final.

AP classes are more demanding than regular high school classes because they’re actually taught at an introductory college level. Therefore, you can expect AP exams to expect more from you than general high school final exams. And that’s where Veritas Prep comes in. The exam is broken into four parts, and it’s important to make sure you not only know your history, but know what kinds of questions are going to be asked so you can practice any necessary skills.

Your performance on Section 1A, which presents 55 multiple-choice questions for you to answer in 55 minutes, contributes 40% to your final score. You analyze primary and secondary sources such as text, images, graphs, and maps and answer questions about them in sets of 2-5. Section 1B provides 20% of the final score. You provide short answers for two questions about events in the time period from 1600 to 2001, then you choose a third short-answer question from one of two time periods. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate your ability to analyze historical sources and the way they’ve been interpreted by historians.

Section 2A, which makes up 25% of your final score, involves assessing historical evidence and then developing an argument based on evidence from the materials. Finally, section 2B requires you to write a long essay in response to your choice of three questions from different time periods. Again, you analyze historical documents regarding significant European history issues from a particular time period and use the evidence found to support the argument you develop in the essay.

As you can see, the final test is rigorous. It’s not something you want to leave to your own devices. Securing professional study assistance, such as that you’ll receive in Veritas Prep’s AP European History Exam class, acknowledges that you understand how intensely you need to study.

Veritas Prep’s AP European History Exam classes were designed to help students like you excel in their study efforts. Contact an academic advisor today to find out more, and get ready to kick your study time into gear.

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