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AP Computer Science A Exam Tutoring Near Me

If you’re interested in AP Computer Science A tutoring, Veritas Prep can refer you to professional tutors who can help you work toward your educational goals. The AP Exams are college-level standardized exams taken by high school students who wish to experience the rigors of an undergraduate curriculum early. You may also earn college credit for your high school course, depending on how you do on the test and your university’s policies. If you want to take your test prep to a whole new level, let us connect you with AP Computer Science A tutors today!

AP Computer Science A tutoring can help you build a familiarity with the content and structure of the exam. AP Computer Science A emphasizes computer programming in the Java programming language, reading and analyzing computer code, and how to use common computer algorithms. The ethical and social impacts of computer usage are also discussed in some detail.

The test is split into two evenly-weighted sections. Section One uses a multiple-choice format. Some of the topics covered include programming fundamentals, problem-solving, object-oriented programming, software engineering, and recursion. You have a total of 90 minutes to answer 40 questions.

Section 2 uses a free response format requiring extended reasoning and the use of Java. In order to make the test easier to prepare for, the exam is limited to a relatively narrow “AP subset” of the commands and functions possible using Java. Actual coding requires more commands than available in this limited subset, so high school AP Computer Science A classes often need to spend time on material not directly tested. Students have 90 minutes to answer four questions on this section.

Students also have access to a reference chart highlighting basic Java functions during the exam. It can prove valuable, but using it too often can quickly eat away at the time available to you. AP Computer Science A tutors can show you when to use the reference chart to help you save time. They may also demonstrate how to use the chart efficiently to save time when its usage proves necessary.

Mastering the material on the AP Computer Science A Exam is difficult, but it can be done. Veritas Prep can find you premium AP Computer Science A tutoring to help you build your study skills and reach for your academic potential. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact an academic advisor using the information below for all of the details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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