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AP Calculus AB Exam Tutoring Near Me

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AP Calculus AB Exam Tutoring Near Me

If you’ve been looking into AP Calculus AB tutoring, Veritas Prep can connect you with professional services to help you reach for your academic potential. AP Exams are high-stakes exams administered to high school students at the conclusion of a college-level class. Students gain experience with undergraduate-level work and may also earn college credit to transfer to their eventual college, depending on how they do on the test. If you are ready to take your test prep to the next level, AP Calculus AB tutors could help you improve your study skills.

One of the most important parts of standardized test prep is building a familiarity with the exam’s structure and content. The AP Calculus AB Exam acts as the rough equivalent of a differential calculus course, addressing topics such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. It is split into two sections (named Section One and Section Two) that are each subdivided into two subsections, Part A and Part B.

Section One is comprised entirely of multiple-choice questions. Part A contains 30 questions administered over a one-hour testing session, and you may not use a calculator. Part B contains 15 questions in 45 minutes and the use of an approved calculator is permitted.

Section Two consists of free response questions, meaning that you need to show your work as well as the correct answer in order to earn full credit. Part A contains two questions over a 30-minute time period and you may use an approved calculator. Part B consists of four questions over one hour, and you may not use a calculator.

It may seem like the calculator sections are easier than the rest of the test, as you can easily double-check all of your arithmetic. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough time to punch every number into your calculator. AP Calculus AB tutors may show you when to use your calculator and when you are better off working without it to help you optimize the time available to you on test day.

Similarly, AP Calculus AB tutoring sessions revolve around your unique needs. You control when every session starts and ends, ensuring that you can fit test prep into your busy life. You may also concentrate on your individual areas of opportunity to improve study efficiency.

The AP Calculus AB Exam is hard, but AP Calculus AB tutoring can help prepare you. Reach out to an academic advisor using the contact info below to get started today!

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