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AP Calculus AB Exam Prep Near Me

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AP Calculus AB Exam Prep Near Me

Veritas Prep offers AP Calculus AB Exam preparation to help students work toward their goals on the test. For students with an interest in earning a STEM degree, calculus is often one of the first courses covered when working toward making that dream a reality.

In many cases, students have the ability to take that first step in high school, which allows them to pursue their true interests sooner rather than later. Getting AP Calculus AB Exam prep through Veritas Prep can help you get ready for the AP exam and maximize your chances of earning the score you need for college credit.

In many degree programs, you’ll need a score of 4 or higher on your AP Calculus AB exam to get college credit, something that only 33 percent of test-takers actually achieve. Our AP Calculus AB Exam prep increases your odds of joining that exclusive group by helping familiarize you with the aspects of the exam.

Your test will be divided into two sections, with each section further divided into calculator and non-calculator sections. Section 1 consists of 30 non-calculator questions, in a time limit of 60 minutes, and 15 questions with a calculator, in a time limit of 45 minutes. Section 2 focuses on longer questions, giving you 30 minutes to solve two questions with a calculator and 60 minutes to answer four questions without a calculator.

Given that two-thirds of the exam’s questions must be answered without a calculator, our AP Calculus AB Exam tutors can emphasize solving equations without relying on a calculator for assistance. Your tutor can go over a multitude of topics, including limits and derivatives, reasoning with definitions and theorems, integrals, and implementing algebraic and computational processes.

AP Calculus AB Exam tutoring gives you the ability to craft your session focus around the areas that you think you’ll need to master for the test day. Let’s say that you feel really confident in connecting multiple representations, but you get nervous on the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Your tutor can help explain the material in a way that makes sense to you, and you’ll be able to take as much time as you need to make sure that you feel comfortable.

Getting a high score on the AP Calculus AB exam is a challenging task, but a worthwhile one. If you’re ready to try to earn college credit for this course and start working toward your ultimate goals faster, Veritas Prep’s AP Calculus AB Exam prep could be the edge you need. Contact us to get started today!

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