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AP Calculus AB Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Calculus AB Exam Courses Near Me

If you’re looking for a course to help you get a top score on the AP Calculus AB Exam, Veritas Prep could have the solution you seek. We offer several test preparation courses to help students gain the confidence they need to maximize their potential and make their academic goals more realistic. If you’re interested in giving yourself a leg up on test day, an AP Calculus AB Exam course could be the answer.

The AP Calculus AB Exam consists of two main sections, which are further divided into two parts. Section 1 includes 45 multiple choice questions, which include 30 questions that must be solved without a calculator and 15 where a calculator is permitted. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the non-calculator questions and 45 minutes to tackle the calculator questions. Section 2 consists of six free response questions, of which two are allowed a calculator and four are not. You’re allotted 30 minutes for the calculator questions and 60 for the non-calculator questions.

During your AP Calculus AB Exam course, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare for all four sections of the exam. You’ll be able to see how you do on sample questions that can simulate what you might face when you reach that section of the real exam. On test day, you might face a question about absolute and relative minimums of a graphed function, or have to calculate the radius and volume of a funnel without the use of a calculator.

Maybe you’ll have to show how well you can connect concepts or prove your understanding of the basic theorem of calculus. In each case, you’ll get the chance to practice your work on similar skills throughout your AP Calculus AB Exam course, so that when you face a similar question on the actual day of the test, you’ll be ready for it.

Plus, you’ll have the ability to work with your instructor and determine what you know and what you need to work on before the big day. If you feel comfortable with limits but you’re struggling to remember derivatives, you and your instructor can tackle that together during your AP Calculus AB Exam course. You’re in control to spend as much or as little time as you think is necessary on a given aspect of the exam.

When you’re trying to earn the 4 or 5 you need for college credit in Calculus AB, how prepared you feel is just as important as how much you know. If you’re looking for assistance with preparation, an AP Calculus AB Exam course through Veritas Prep can be a big help toward getting you in the right mindset to do your best. Contact us to get started today!

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