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AP Biology Exam Prep Near Me

In order to make the most of your student’s AP Biology Exam preparation, Veritas Prep offers a variety of options for your student. Taking an AP Biology Exam prep class and the AP Biology test can give your student the possibility of earning college credit while experiencing the challenges of a college-level course.

The AP Biology course introduces students to scientific ideas such as the interplay between biological and living systems, an evolutionary explanation of life on Earth, and the interaction of biological systems. The AP Biology Exam tests these and other concepts.

The AP Biology Exam contains a Multiple Choice portion and a Free Response portion. Each part of the exam is one hour and 30 minutes long and accounts for 50% of a student’s score. The exam requires that students use mathematics properly, analyze data and evaluate evidence, and understand data collection methods.

The Multiple Choice section contains 69 questions. The Free Response portion of the exam contains a section for Long Free Response problems and Short Free Response questions. There are two Long Free Response problems, and one of them is based around a lab or data. The Free Response portion has 6 questions, and those questions require a paragraph-long response or argument.

AP Biology Exam prep is important to help your student understand the concepts of the class and test as well as possible. It can be challenging to do AP Biology Exam prep on one’s own, but with our resources, they don’t have to. Thorough preparation can help your student to feel more comfortable with the information and problems on the test. By building familiarity with important ideas, your student’s AP Biology prep can help them make the most of this academic opportunity.

AP Biology Exam tutoring is a way for your student to experience the benefits of one-on-one instruction and feedback. Your student and the tutor can meet online at times that are convenient for your schedule. In your sessions, AP Biology Exam tutors are attentive to your student’s learning style and needs. They can make a plan based on your student’s goals and abilities, and they work with your student to improve their understanding of challenging concepts.

To make the most of the learning opportunity that AP Biology Exam prep offers, AP Biology tutoring from Veritas Prep puts your student’s instruction at the center of the sessions. To register your student and be connected to a tutor who fits your schedule, academic advisors are available online or over the phone.

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