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AP Art History Exam Tutoring Near Me

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AP Art History Exam Tutoring Near Me

Veritas Prep offers many resources to help students prepare for exams in various subjects. We provide AP Art History Exam tutoring for students planning to take the exam and who are serious about reaching for their test score goals. The test is available to high school students looking to gain the experience of a college level course, bypass an introductory course in college, and possibly earn college credit. Contact an academic advisor for more details and to be set up with AP Art History Exam tutors.

The AP Art History Exam is an assessment of your ability to manipulate materials and ideas. It provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate this by creating an object, act, or event. Designed around the concept that art creation is shaped by tradition and change and that art may be interpreted in different ways, the exam covers many key content areas. It measures your understanding of art from a Global Prehistory, Ancient Mediterranean, Early Europe and Colonial Americas, and Later Europe and Americas perspective. Exam content, and that covered in the course, also includes art of the Indigenous Americas, Africa, West and Central Asia, South/East/Southeast Asia, The Pacific, and Global Contemporary art.

The AP Art History Exam consists of two sections. Section 1 comprises 80 multiple choice questions and is 50% of the exam. You will have one hour to complete it. By contrast, Section 2 consists of long and short free response essays. You’ll have two hours to answer six questions, which also account for 50% of the exam.

With Veritas Prep’s AP Art History Exam tutoring, you can work one-on-one with AP Art History Exam tutors. By assessing your abilities, tutors can create structured custom lessons that focus on your most pressing needs. Your tutor can fill in any gaps in understanding and guide you in applying the concepts learned in the process. Lessons can move at your pace and be timed around your schedule, so you have the opportunity to focus on preparing for the exam and fine-tuning your knowledge, abilities, and study skills.

Preparing for an exam requires understanding the material covered and the format in which the test is presented. With AP Art History Exam tutoring from Veritas Prep, you can find the support needed to reach for your goals. Contact an academic advisor to have your questions answered and to learn how a tutor can help build your test-taking abilities and confidence heading into the test. Advisors can be reached online or by phone.

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