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AP Art History Exam Courses Near Me

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AP Art History Exam Courses Near Me

If you would like to earn college credit before you even graduate high school, you may want to look into the AP Art History Exam. The AP (short for Advanced Placement) program allows students to experience college-level academics in high school, and a good score on the AP Exam taken at the end of the school year may also earn college credits transferable to most undergraduate programs. Veritas Prep offers a comprehensive AP Art History Exam course to help students like you reach for their academic potential on the test.

One of the first things our AP Art History Exam course covers is the structure of the test. It is split into two sections numbered 1 and 2, each of which represents one half of your final grade. Section 1 contains 80 multiple-choice questions administered over 60 minutes. Section 2 utilizes a free-response format where you have two hours to answer six essay questions of varying length.

The AP Art History Exam encompasses the entirety of art history, so there’s no shortage of topics to study. Here is a list highlighting the weight assigned to each culture and time period:

  • Global Prehistory (4%)
  • Ancient Mediterranean (15%)
  • Early Europe and Colonial Americas (20%)
  • Later Europe and Americas (22%)
  • Indigenous Americas (6%)
  • Africa (6%)
  • West and Central Asia (4%)
  • South, East, and Southeast Asia (8%)
  • The Pacific (4%)
  • Global Contemporary (11%)

That’s a lot of material! Thankfully, the exam tends to emphasize certain “Big Ideas” regardless of where the art on a given question came from. Artists are seen as individuals or groups of individuals who manipulate materials and ideas to create an aesthetic object, act, or event and give it meaning.

The process of art making is driven by the twin forces of tradition and change, and how they intertwine is responsible for the diversity of artistic expression.

Finally, interpretations of art are always variable, meaning that no piece has a specific, undeniable meaning.

There are many ways to prepare for the AP Art History Exam. If you could more effectively articulate your ideas in an essay format, you might consider building your outlining skills to make it easier to organize your thoughts. Alternatively, you might research test-taking strategies to help you leverage the exam’s multiple-choice section against itself. Our AP Art History Exam course contains helpful support that may help you feel more prepared on test day.

If you are ready to reach for your academic goals, Veritas Prep is ready to provide an AP Art History Exam course to help you build the study skills necessary to do so. Reach out to an academic advisor either by phone or online today for more information!

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