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AP Art History Exam Classes Near Me

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AP Art History Exam Classes Near Me

If you’re looking for extra help in advance of the AP Art History Exam, Veritas Prep has resources to help you prepare. Our AP Art History Exam classes can help you brush up on your knowledge and cover specific areas of the test. Preparing for an exam such as this one requires familiarity with its format and pacing, and building efficient study skills. If you’re interested in participating in an AP Art History Exam class, get in touch with an academic advisor about what Veritas Prep has to offer.

The AP Art History Exam covers topics such as Global Prehistory, Ancient Mediterranean art, and the art of Early Europe and Colonial Americas, Later Europe and Americas, and Indigenous Americas. Other topic areas include Africa, West and Central Asia, as well as South, East, and Southeast Asia as well as The Pacific. Global Contemporary art covers 11% of the content. The exam is broken down into two sections. In Section 1, you will be required to complete 80 multiple-choice questions in one hour. The second half of the exam is free response. There are six long and short essay questions, which you will have two hours to answer.

During the exam, you’ll be tested on your ability to manipulate materials and ideas. The AP Art History exam is also designed around the principle that making art is shaped by tradition and change and that it can be interpreted in many ways. At Veritas Prep, our AP Art History classes are structured around the content and format of the exam. The goal is to assess your current level of knowledge and further develop your understanding of fundamental topics while helping work on improving test-taking and study skills ahead of the exam. Whether you need to better understand art from the perspective of one region or time period or another, the class can give you the background needed to reach for your test score goals.

Getting started with a Veritas Prep AP Art History Exam class is simple. You can reach out to an academic advisor by phone or online who has the knowledge to answer any question you may have and explain our services in detail. Help with signing up for a class is also available. When you have an AP Art History Exam in your future, there’s no reason to wait. Get started with a class today so you can efficiently prepare and build your confidence before the exam date.

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