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Anaheim GMAT Prep Courses

If you are a student hoping to gain admission to the MBA program of your choice, it is most likely you will be required to take the GMAT exam. The GMAT, also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, is used in 90 percent of new MBA enrollments and has been in use for over sixty years. No matter what your particular study needs are, Veritas Prep has a review option to fit into your schedule that can help to prepare you for this important exam.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


Our instructor was excellent - he somehow made sentence correction and combinatorics fun - it was a pleasure attending class twice a week. After completing the course, I was able to score a 710 on the GMAT.
-Michael P.


The staff, the teachers, the work material and the methodology are one of a kind. It's been a great experience and it definitely paid off.
-Rodrigo G.


Veritas exceeded all of my expectations. There is a resource for any need a student might have. And it's great that we still have access to all of the resources even after the course wrapped up!
-Lisa H.


I just can't see how another test prep course could be more complete. Also the ability to retake the course within a year is an incredible bonus.
-Anna D.

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The GMAT is intended to evaluate your ability to succeed in business schools, such as the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business. The test specifically assesses your capacity to think critically, which is one of the most important skills needed in the business profession. The test has four sections, which you can take time to review in an Anaheim GMAT class or course.

Working with the right Anaheim GMAT prep course can make all the difference as you review for your GMAT exam.

What does the GMAT cover?

The GMAT has four different sections, all of which measure your critical thinking skills. It takes just under three and a half hours to complete the exam, and you have the option of two eight-minute breaks during the test. The four sections are the Analytical Writing Assessment section, the Integrated Reasoning section, the Quantitative Reasoning section, and the Verbal Reasoning section. When you arrive on test day, you have the opportunity to choose which order to take your test sections in. Working through an Anaheim GMAT prep course can help you understand the pros and cons of the various orders you can choose. Let's discuss an overview of the four sections of the test.

The Analytical Writing Assessment is a 30-minute section with only one question. In this section, you will be given an argument to read and analyze. It is your job to critique the line of reasoning and use of evidence in the argument you were given. Your writing will be graded on how well it is organized and whether it is fully developed. Your essay will be assessed on the structural and grammatical features of your response. The section will also be graded on how well you are able to determine which pieces of evidence are most important and how well you are able to express your thoughts on standard written English. An Anaheim GMAT course or class can help you practice the skills necessary to do well on this portion of the exam.

In the Integrated Reasoning section of the exam, you will be assessed on your ability to pull information from various sources to solve multiple problems. This sections consists of 12 questions and has a time limit of 30 minutes. You can expect to see four different types of questions in this section of the exam: multi-source reasoning, table analysis, graphics interpretation, and two-part analysis. Many of the questions will require multiple correct responses in order for you to receive full credit for the question. If you need help brushing up on your ability to see relationships between various sources of information, an Anaheim GMAT course or class can give you the practice you need to feel more confident in yourself.

The next section is the Quantitative Reasoning section, which is 62 minutes long and consists of 31 multiple-choice questions. These questions will test you on your ability to determine whether you have the correct quantitative date to solve a problem. All questions in this section will require you to have a basic knowledge of algebra and geometry. However, the questions are designed to assess your analytical skills, not your arithmetic skills.

There are two types of questions on this part of the exam: problem-solving and data sufficiency. The problem-solving questions require you to solve quantitative problems and choose the best answer. The data sufficiency questions evaluate your capacity to determine if you have the correct data to solve the problem or not. An Anaheim GMAT course or class can provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify how to work through these kinds of questions.

The final section of the exam is the Verbal Reasoning section, which consists of 36 questions and lasts 65 minutes. You will be assessed on reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. In reading comprehension questions, you will be required to interpret the content of a passage, infer information, and apply the content to a different context. Critical reasoning questions will require you to read a short passage and choose the right response with regards to the passage's argument. The sentence corrections are a bit more straightforward. You are given a sentence with a section that has been underlined. You will also be given five new ways to write the underlined section of the sentence. You will need to choose the correct response to create a sentence that is both grammatically and structurally correct. If you feel like you need to improve your reading comprehension skills, an Anaheim GMAT prep course could be the resource you need to hone these skills.

What are the benefits of the different types of GMAT preparation?

When you choose to use Veritas Prep to study for your exam, there are three different types of Anaheim GMAT prep course to choose from. You can choose to take advantage of private tutoring, self-guided study courses, or live classes.

If you're looking for one-on-one individual instruction, working with a tutor may be the right method of review for you. This method of study is great for students who would like to work at their own pace under the supervision of a supportive and knowledgeable teacher. Your tutor has the opportunity to tailor your study sessions to meet your exact needs based on your strengths, areas of opportunity, and your personal learning style. Through this option, you can be sure to focus on the areas you most need to work on.

If you choose to do a self-guided Anaheim GMAT course, you will receive hours of instructive videos from GMAT top scorers. You can choose to watch these videos on a laptop, tablet, or even your phone. This gives you the ability to access your instruction anytime and anywhere. You also receive a number of practice tests, as well as access to live instructors if you ever need to ask a question. If you're a solitary learner, this may be the right option for you as you prepare for your GMAT.

If you're looking for something that is a hybrid of the previous two options, Veritas Prep's Live Classes can give you both the opportunity to work with an instructor and classmates and the ability to independently work through the same videos found in the self-guided Anaheim GMAT course. The live Anaheim GMAT class is 36 hours long and is spread out over six weeks of classes. This review option gives you access to an instructor who has scored in the top percentile of the GMAT. We offer multiple sessions of Live Classes at once, so you can easily fit your online classes into your busy schedule. The Live Classes cover all four sections of the exam to help you feel more confident in your skills on test day.

All three options come with a free Admissions Consultation. Each option has different benefits when chosen. No matter which option you decide to go with, Veritas Prep is ready to help you get started.

]Why choose Veritas Prep for GMAT review?

Choosing one of our options provides you with the flexibility to fit review into your schedule in your own way. Each student can be accommodated with a different kind of study plan. Social learners can utilize Live Classes as a means to connect with peers and bounce ideas off each other. Independent learners may benefit most from the self-guided lessons. Other types of learners can be accommodated with customized lesson plans that cater to any preferred learning style.

In addition, if you choose Veritas Prep, you may take advantage of the opportunity to train for the exam using our computer-adaptive practice exams. This type of software creates your test as you go. If you're consistently answering your questions correctly, the upcoming questions will progressively get more difficult. The purpose of this type of test is to measure your full potential as a student. Practicing with this kind of software is important because two GMAT sections utilize it: the Quantitative and Verbal section.

Making it to this point is an accomplishment to be proud of. With such a large investment of effort and time already put into this endeavor, it makes sense to use all the tools at your disposal to ensure you walk into your exam with confidence. Whether you already know exactly what you'll do with your MBA or you are still exploring your options, we can make sure to connect you to excellent review opportunities. If you're ready to invest in yourself, give us a call. Veritas Prep can connect you to an outstanding Anaheim GMAT course, class, or tutor today!

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