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When you work with an Allentown tutor through Veritas Prep, you get a fully customized learning experience that’s tailored to your specific needs. After reaching out to us, the process starts with us assessing your individual needs both on subject matter and learning style. We find that it’s the combination of both those factors that perfects the pairing of tutor and student, and every one of our tutoring customers gets this personalized experience.

Once we understand your needs, we pair you with an elite tutor. Only tutors in Allentown, PA that meet very specific requirements will be matched with our customers.

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Students in Allentown, Pennsylvania, have the advantage of several excellent colleges and universities in their hometown, including Muhlenberg College, Cedar Crest College, and Lehigh University. Of course, you still need to meet a school’s admission requirements if you hope to attend classes there. While every institution uses a slightly different blend of admission criteria, an admissions exam such as the SAT or ACT is a nearly universal requirement. If you have been considering professional test prep services, Veritas Prep can find you Allentown tutoring and more.

The following chart compares the educational attainment level of Allentown residents 25+ years old to Pennsylvania’s state average:

High school students in Allentown generally take the SAT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement of their college applications, though some may choose to take the ACT instead. Comparatively, the GRE acts in a similar capacity for many graduate programs. Business schools may prefer the GMAT, so those working professionals considering returning to academia for an MBA may need to earn a good score on it to try to get into their program of choice. At Veritas Prep, we can provide you with Allentown tutors and other test prep resources for all of these exams, plus the SAT Subject Tests, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, and AP exams.

The following list compares the average annual earnings of Allentown residents 25 years of age or older according to the highest level of schooling they completed:

Level Allentown Median Earnings Pennsylvania Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $55,000.00 $67,300.00
Bachelor’s Degree $37,800.00 $50,700.00
Some College $28,800.00 $35,500.00
High School Diploma $24,000.00 $30,200.00
No High School Diploma $20,800.00 $21,900.00

As you can see, Allentown students who pursue higher education usually earn more money. If a standardized exam is holding you back from reaching your potential, it’s time to tackle the challenge head-on. Our expert academic advisors can set you up the Allentown tutors that make the most sense for you.

Veritas Prep also offers other test prep services. For instance, live Allentown test prep classes feature passionate instructors who succeeded on the exam you are preparing to take. The virtual classroom environment allows you to take in live sessions while communicating with your instructor and classmates.

Alternatively, we offer Allentown test prep courses to help students who want to study on their own. You get streaming video lessons, guidebooks, practice exams, and other great resources. You also have access to expert live homework help if you have any questions, and we encourage students to make the most of it.

The cream of the crop is Allentown tutoring. A tutor gives you an expert who can focus on your most significant opportunities to maximize your potential on your exam. Working with a private tutor allows students to learn at their own pace, putting the proper effort into topics that are more difficult while glossing over what the student already knows well.

Here are the most popular bachelor’s degree programs in the Allentown area:

Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management 127
2015 Registered Nursing 109
2015 General Psychology 107
2015 $General Drama & Theater Arts 66
2015 Speech Communication & Rhetoric 54

Likewise, the following list reveals the graduate programs students in Allentown most frequently pursue:

Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Education 28
2015 Nursing Administration 15
2015 Criminalistics & Criminal Science 6

Standardized exams allow students to demonstrate their mastery of academic subjects so that they can move up to the next rung on the educational ladder. If you feel that professional Allentown tutors could help you pursue your academic goals, contact our academic advisors by phone or online for more information today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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