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Albany Tutoring: Tutors in Albany, NY

Many times, personalized tutoring is the key to get ahead or catch up in school. Veritas Prep understands this great responsibility and takes to heart the mission of finding you the best possible tutor in Albany, NY. We pair students with tutors that cover an incredible variety of subject matter. We will help you get the extra boost you or your child needs to succeed.

We feel so strongly about our ability to find you a great tutor in Albany that we’re willing to back it up with a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee. With that confidence, you have no reason not to try Veritas Prep.

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Students in Albany, NY, have a variety of outstanding local colleges and universities to attend, including Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, SUNY University at Albany, and The College of Saint Rose. If you hope to earn admission to a prestigious institution like these, you’ll probably need to take a standardized exam such as the SAT or GRE. At Veritas Prep, we specialize in offering effective Albany tutoring and other test prep options to help students get ready for standardized exams and pursue their academic goals. The following chart illustrates the educational attainment level for Albany residents over the age of 25 and how it compares to the state of New York as a whole:
Albany’s high school students usually take the SAT as part of their college applications, though some may opt for the ACT instead or even sit for both tests. Likewise, prospective graduate students may need to take the GRE to earn acceptance to a program. Business professionals who already have undergraduate degrees may need to take the GMAT to go back to business school and earn an MBA. Veritas Prep can set you up with Albany tutors for all four of these exams. We can also help you prepare for the SAT Subject Tests, AP exams, SSAT, HSPT, PSAT, and ISEE exams. The following list compares the median income earned by Albany residents over the age of 25 according to the highest level of schooling they have completed:
Level Albany Median Earnings New York Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $56,300.00 $72,400.00
Bachelor’s Degree $44,000.00 $55,400.00
Some College $33,000.00 $37,000.00
High School Diploma $27,100.00 $30,400.00
No High School Diploma $19,300.00 $20,500.00
As you can see by the data above, Albany students who attain higher educational levels tend to earn higher salaries. If a standardized exam seems like a roadblock preventing you from pursuing your educational goals, Albany tutoring can help. In additon to tutoring, our live online Albany test prep classes have instructors who reached top scores on the exam you’d like to take, making them an excellent source of information about the material on the test and how to prepare for it. You can also attend remotely via our innovative online classroom, enabling you to receive expert instruction without leaving the Albany area. Alternatively, we offer Albany test prep courses with interactive videos that you can stream to your device of choice. You get access to live homework help with all of our self-study programs, so you can seek expert assistance if you have any questions. Private Albany tutoring is our premier service. Tutors can take the time to get to know their pupil, allowing them to design customized test prep sessions to improve study efficiency. Expert Albany tutors dedicated to helping you focus on your most significant areas of need can be hard to match. This list shows the bachelor’s degrees most frequently earned by Albany residents:
Year Degree Graduates
2015 Liberal Arts & Sciences $1,354.00
2015 Registered Nursing $470.00
2015 General Psychology $434.00
2015 General Business Administration & Management $401.00
2015 Sociology $325.00
Similarly, here are the most popular graduate programs in the Albany area:
Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management $269.00
2015 Social Work $166.00
2015 Reading Teacher Education $128.00
2015 Nurse Education $109.00
2015 Accounting $103.00
Students take standardized exams to demonstrate that they are ready for more rigorous academic coursework. If your test preparation could use a boost, reach out to our academic advisors by phone or online today to get set up with Albany tutoring!

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