Practice for the ACT English Section with Online Practice Tests

For students who love their English classes at school, the English section of the ACT may seem like no problem. However, other students feel a little hesitant about what they will find when they open the English section on the ACT. At Veritas Prep, we believe that one of the most effective things a student can do to prepare for this section is to take at least one ACT English practice test. Furthermore, we believe that students benefit from taking practice tests and studying under the guidance of our team of instructors at Veritas Prep. Check out just a sampling of the ways that students benefit when they take English practice tests.

Learn What Skills to Practice

Naturally, most students want to know what they are in for when they sit down to take any section of the ACT. Taking an ACT English practice test gives a student the chance to see the type of material that is on the ACT English test. They learn that their punctuation and grammar skills will be tested along with their ability to recognize the various parts of a sentence. Once students are familiar with the material on the ACT English test, they get an idea of what they need to study. In fact, the results of a practice test help students to pinpoint the areas where they need to improve. A student working with a Veritas Prep instructor learns proven strategies that lead to better results on any part of the English test. All of our professional Veritas Prep instructors scored at least a 33 out of a total of 36 on the ACT. In short, when students learn strategies from a Veritas Prep instructor, they are learning from individuals who have mastered the English section on the ACT!

Become Accustomed to the Test Format

Students become accustomed to the exam’s format when they take an ACT practice test. English test questions require a student to read a passage and then answer questions about it. Students choose an answer from several multiple-choice options. In our online or in-person ACT preparation courses, our instructors emphasize the importance of reading all of the answer options before choosing one. Also, they suggest that students cross out the answers that are obviously incorrect in order to narrow down the options. In our experience, we’ve seen that some students fall into the habit of choosing the first answer that looks correct in order to move on to the next question and finish the test. We partner with students to develop practices and habits that result in higher scores on the ACT. Becoming familiar with the test format helps students feel more comfortable on test day. This is especially true for students who suffer from symptoms of test anxiety.

Implement Test-Taking Strategies

After we teach students valuable test-taking strategies, we guide them in using those methods during practice. ACT English test questions are simplified when a student utilizes our tips and suggestions. Students who use our methods while taking reading practice tests are able to incorporate them when answering questions on the real test without even thinking about it. Students taking our ACT courses or private tutoring sessions have the opportunity to ask any questions about our strategies as well as receive clarification on any lesson.

Garner Confidence as Test Day Approaches

We find that encouragement plays an important role in our program of ACT practice. English test questions can be challenging for some students. Our instructors are there to offer constant encouragement to students as they work their way toward excellence on the ACT. We know that studying for the English section on the ACT can be stressful at times. We want all of our students to know that we are there to help them achieve their best possible score on the ACT. Sometimes, just a few encouraging words can make all of the difference to a student on test day.

We use first-rate study materials and resources in both our private tutoring sessions and prep classes. We think that every student can improve their score on the ACT with the help of our knowledgeable instructors. We encourage students who want to work with the experts on the ACT to call our team at Veritas Prep today.