Do You Need an ACT Tutor?

“Do I need an ACT tutor?” This is a question that many students ask themselves as they are preparing for the ACT. Some students have a vague idea of how to prepare for the ACT, while others aren’t sure where to begin. Our talented ACT tutors at Veritas Prep know how to help students prepare for every section on the ACT. If you’re wondering whether you need a tutor, consider some of the benefits of signing up with Veritas Prep for online ACT tutoring.

Guided Practice

Guided practice is one of the most valuable services that a student can get from an ACT tutor. Our ACT tutors advise students to take practice tests to prep for each section of the exam. When students take practice tests, they are able to get an idea of what they’ll encounter on the real exam. A student and their tutor can look at the results of each practice test to determine which skills need improvement. For instance, after looking at the results of a practice math test, a tutor may advise the student to review the concepts of plane geometry. In addition, a student and tutor can go over each of the incorrect answers on a practice test. Our Veritas Prep online tutors are experts at suggesting different ways that a student may approach a difficult question in order to arrive at the correct answer.

Effective Test-Taking Strategies

A student who signs up for ACT tutoring online with Veritas Prep has the opportunity to learn several effective test strategies. One ACT test strategy we provide is known as PIN. This strategy teaches a student how to tackle challenging algebra questions using a simple technique. Students receiving ACT prep from us also learn about the Open-Book Science Method. This method teaches students how to read passages on the science test in a more effective way. Our tutors do more than offer general advice for the test. We provide students with practical tips and strategies that they can utilize on every section of the ACT.

Expert Instruction

Many students appreciate the guidance they receive when they prepare for the ACT with an experienced tutor. They may even consider their tutor to be a partner in studying for the test. When it comes to ACT tutoring online, students benefit from the knowledge and skills of our professional instructors. We make it a point to hire instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT test. Tutoring is done by the experts at Veritas Prep! Our students learn proven strategies from individuals who have excelled on this important exam. Students are able to ask our instructors specific questions about their experiences with the ACT. In short, students have access to first-hand knowledge courtesy of our tutors!

Tips to Conquer Test Anxiety

Students who suffer from test anxiety can benefit from working with an ACT tutor. Generally, students with test anxiety feel extremely nervous and uncomfortable as test day approaches. Our tutors at Veritas Prep can provide a student with suggestions on how to minimize feelings of test anxiety. For instance, a tutor may advise a student to practice calming breathing techniques before test day arrives. This type of controlled breathing helps to focus a student’s thinking and put them at ease before starting the test. In addition, a student who works with an ACT tutor feels more prepared for the test. Not surprisingly, feeling prepared to tackle all of the sections on the ACT helps a student to replace feelings of anxiety with confidence.


Students who take advantage of our ACT prep tutoring services receive lots of encouragement from our instructors. We understand that preparing for the ACT can be stressful at times. So instructors who are tutoring for ACT test purposes make it a point to continually encourage students as they progress through their prep courses or private tutoring sessions. An encouraging voice can be an invaluable part of the study process for students who are feeling uncertain about the ACT.

Finally, we provide ACT online tutoring to students who want to have an advantage over their peers on test day. Veritas Prep has knowledgeable instructors and excellent academic resources that help students to achieve success on the test!