Familiarizing Yourself with the ACT Test Format

Checking out the format of the ACT is an important part of preparing for the test. Generally, students who know what types of questions to expect on the ACT test feel more at ease when the big day arrives. Each of our talented instructors at Veritas Prep scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT. Students who prepare for the ACT with us are able to benefit from the practical experience and knowledge of our tutors. The following offers a look at the ACT format that includes information about the subjects on the test, the types of questions a student will encounter, as well as the time allowed for each of the five sections.


The English portion of the ACT consists of 75 questions with multiple-choice answer options. There are five passages to read on this test that contain underlined words and phrases. In many of the questions, students are asked to replace the underlined phrase with an option that is more appropriate for the passage. In some questions, a student must decide whether certain phrases should be added to the passage or be left out. These questions gauge a student’s ability to recognize proper sentence structure. Other skills tested in this section include grammar, punctuation, and style. Students have 45 minutes to complete the English section of the ACT.


The ACT test format includes a section on math. This section is made up of questions and multiple-choice answer options. There are a total of 60 questions, and students have 60 minutes to complete them. The topics in this section are pre-algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. Some students who see this list of math topics may feel confident about the algebra but want a little guidance in preparing for the questions on coordinate geometry. For other students, it’s just the opposite. Our online tutors at Veritas Prep can help students prepare for any part of the math test. Part of our ACT preparation includes practical strategies like PIN. This strategy allows students to answer algebra questions using a simple technique. Our instructors use first-rate academic resources as they prep students for the math section as well as every other section on the ACT.


Students have 35 minutes to complete 40 questions in the reading section. When it comes to the reading section, the ACT test format features five passages accompanied by questions with multiple-choice answer options. The questions in this section testa number of different skills, including a student’s ability to find main ideas, recognize cause-and-effect relationships, and interpret important details. As with all of the sections on the ACT, it’s very helpful for students to complete several practice tests on this subject. In our ACT prep courses, we provide students with tips on how to deconstruct a reading question to find significant details. We prepare students for the focused reading required in this section.


The 40 questions on the science portion of the ACT test students’ problem-solving, interpretation, evaluation, and reasoning skills as they relate to this subject. This section follows the same ACT format as the other tests. Students read a passage and choose the best multiple-choice answer option for each question. We provide reliable strategies such as the Open-Book Science Method to students who want to get an edge over their peers on this section of the ACT! Students are given 35 minutes to complete the science test.


Though the writing test on the ACT is optional, many students choose to take it. In some cases, a student may want to apply to a university that requires applicants to take the writing portion of the test. The writing test consists of one prompt that asks students to write an essay on a particular topic. Students get 30 minutes to complete their essay. Whether a student is confident in their essay-writing abilities or needs a little guidance, our professional instructors can help. We offer useful tips and are expert at teaching students how to create an engaging, logical essay.

Our tutors at Veritas Prep provide invaluable guidance to students planning to take the ACT. Students who want individualized attention and effective test-taking strategies will be pleased with what we have to offer them at Veritas Prep.