How to Study for the ACT at Home: An ACT Study Guide for Students

Most students who want to attend college sign up to take the ACT during their junior or senior year in high school. They know that their ACT test score plays an important role in the college application process. However, after signing up to take the test, many students wonder how to study for ACT day. They may not know what material to study or how to study in an efficient way. At Veritas Prep, we know how to help students prepare for the ACT. We offer ACT online courses and private tutoring sessions that feature effective study strategies for students. Take a look at some tips included in an ACT study guide that students can refer to at home.

Work on Practice Problems

When it comes to the ACT, studying begins with taking a practice test. Reading, math, English, science, and writing are the five sections of the ACT. There are practice tests available for each one. The results of these tests reveal a student’s strong and weak points in each subject. This information helps students to plan their study time at home. For example, a student looking at the results of their practice math test may see that they need to review some concepts in algebra and plane geometry. Alternatively, a student looking at the results of their practice English test may see that they need to review their grammar and usage skills. In short, the results of practice tests can help students to study for the ACT in an efficient manner.

Complete Extra-Credit Assignments in School

Students benefit in a couple of ways by taking on extra-credit assignments in school. For example, one student may choose to complete a page of algebra problems for extra-credit points in math class. Not only does the student improve their math grade, but they also garner additional practice with a skill they’ll use on the ACT. Another student may choose to write an editorial on a particular topic for English class. The student earns extra credit points for the assignment and gets to practice writing an essay, which will help them on the writing section of the ACT. Students are wise to take advantage of any extra opportunity to study for this test.

Practice Focused Reading Skills

Another ACT study guide tip is to do a lot of reading outside of school. This will be especially easy for students who already like to do a lot of independent reading. A student may want to choose an unfamiliar topic or subject, then check out some reading material at the library. Students may read about a variety of subjects, from space travel to the lives of dolphins. As students read, they should practice spotting the main ideas as well as the details of a piece. Also, they should work on determining the writer’s point of view. This sort of activity gets a student into the habit of reading in an engaged, focused way. In addition, it gives a student the chance to learn more about some very exciting subjects!

Read a Variety of Current Publications

The most reliable ACT study guides advise students to prep for the writing section of the test by reading newspaper articles, magazines, and various electronic resources. It’s best to choose articles written about controversial issues. Some examples of debatable issues include the use of technological devices in schools, rewarding public school students for regular attendance, and whether parents should have online access to their child’s school assignments and homework. Students can study the way the writer crafts their argument. Also, a student is able to see how the writer presents evidence to support their point of view. This type of reading gives a student an idea of how to craft a persuasive, logical essay for the writing test on the ACT. In addition, students are able to become familiar with recent subjects of controversy that stand a chance of appearing in the writing prompt on the ACT.

At Veritas Prep, our professional instructors have the skills to teach students how to study for ACT day. In fact, we hire instructors who have mastered every section on the ACT! We provide students with first-rate ACT preparation that gives them an edge over their peers on test day.