Sample ACT Science Questions

Chances are good that students who excel in their high school natural science courses will feel comfortable taking the science section on the ACT. Alternatively, students who struggle a little bit in their science classes may feel differently about the science questions on the test. In either case, our professional instructors at Veritas Prep are here to help! For instance, we know that completing ACT science practice questions can assist students in achieving their best score on the ACT. We offer online courses and informative tutoring sessions to students who want to strengthen their skills on the science section of the ACT as well as prep for any other section of the test. Find out why it’s so helpful for students to complete ACT science practice questions as they prepare for test day. Plus, take a look at some sample science questions to get an idea of what is on the ACT.

The main reason why it’s so helpful for students to complete practice tests is that it gives them a chance to learn about the scientific topics on the actual exam. For instance, there are many ACT science questions that test a student’s ability to read a graph, chart, or table of information. They must recognize the various parts of a graph or table and interpret the meaning behind the symbols and numbers. For example:

  • Students are shown the results of an experiment on boiling water. A chart displays how many minutes it takes for various containers of water to reach boiling temperature. A student must interpret the results of the experiment and answer questions. Sample question:
    According to the table, how much time did it take to boil three cups of water in a sauce pan?
    A) five minutes
    B) seven minutes
    C) ten minutes
    D) eight minutes
  • In another question, students are shown a graph that records the monthly high and low temperatures in one particular city over a period of three years. Question:
    According to the table, which month had the highest and lowest temperature every year for three years?
    A) None of them
    B) July
    C) January
    D) October

Students benefit in another way when they complete ACT practice questions. Science questions require students to draw conclusions or make predictions based on the information given in a passage or contained in a graph. Students who are unsure about their skills in these areas can gain more confidence as they practice. ACT science questions can be broken down into parts that allow a student to see the correct answer option more clearly. Our team of instructors can help students learn how to dissect science questions so they are more understandable. Most questions on the science section are accompanied by a graph or labeled illustration. Students must keep in mind that the answer is contained somewhere in the graph, chart, or other illustration. Take a look at some samples of ACT science questions that ask students to make predictions and draw conclusions:

  • One question centers around two mazes with one rat in each. A chart illustrates seven trials in which both rats were released at the same time to make their way through the maze. The total time taken to run each race is recorded along with the type of edible reward (cheese, peanut butter, or sunflower seeds) given to each rat at the end of the maze. Questions:
    Based on the data contained in the chart, which rat is likely to win the next race through the maze?
    Based on the findings in the experiment, which edible reward makes the rats move at a faster rate through the maze?

Our instructors at Veritas Prep provide proven test-taking strategies to students. Students who apply these tips find that they can make any science question more manageable. In short, our instructors give students the tools to help them simplify any question on the subject of science. ACT questions are not so daunting when students learn the correct way to approach them. Once they learn our test-taking methods, they can get into the habit of using them on the science section as well as every other section of the ACT.

At Veritas Prep, we use a combination of quality study resources, including practice tests, and skillful instruction to give our students an advantage on the ACT. Contact us today to boost your score on the science section of the ACT!