ACT Reading Prep and Practice

The ACT tests a student’s skills in English, math, reading, science, and writing. It’s common for students to possess different levels of confidence regarding each of those subjects. Some students are hesitant about the reading section of the ACT. One student may be a slow reader and worry about finishing all of the test questions on time. Another student may have difficulty differentiating between the main idea of a passage and its supporting details. At Veritas Prep, our instructors understand students’ worries about tackling the reading section on the ACT. Our private ACT tutoring sessions give students the tools to approach every reading question with confidence. Consider just a few simple strategies that can help students feel more at ease about taking the reading section of the ACT.

Complete Several Practice Tests

When it comes to ACT reading prep work, our instructors highly recommend that students take several practice tests. When a student takes a practice test, they become familiar with the routine of reading a passage, then answering a collection of multiple-choice questions. Also, the student becomes accustomed to reading passages on a variety of topics. Furthermore, taking several tests helps a student learn how to finish all of the questions in the allotted time. Students have 35 minutes to finish the reading section of the ACT. Practice reading questions can also help students who suffer from test anxiety. They can pretend that each of these tests is the real thing and take the opportunity to utilize calming breathing techniques. This can greatly lessen a student’s stress on test day.

Study the Different Types of Questions

Students doing ACT reading prep work benefit from knowing the types of questions that they’ll encounter on the test. The two main types of questions in the reading section have to do with referring and reasoning. With the first type, a student refers to the passage to find the precise answer. In the second type, a student must draw a reasonable conclusion from the passage to choose the correct answer. Other questions require students to identify the main idea and supporting details in a passage as well as recognize the sequence of events. Some of the questions involve comparative as well as cause-and-effect relationships. Learning about all of the various types of questions in the reading section of the ACT gives a student the opportunity to put these skills into practice. ACT reading questions are easier for a student to handle when there are no surprises.

Utilize Practice Test Results

Evaluating test results is an important part of preparing for the ACT. Practice reading questions reveal a student’s strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing test results, a student can focus in on what they need to improve. Also, a student gains confidence by noting their successes with various types of questions. Students who sign up for Veritas Prep’s ACT 36 On Demand service have the opportunity to examine their test scores under the guidance of one of our experienced instructors. A student’s online instructor can offer practical tips on how to improve in weak areas. Our instructors are able to guide students as they practice. ACT reading passages are a lot easier to tackle when a student partners with an expert tutor.

Read a Variety of Resources From the Library

When tackling reading questions on the ACT, a student should focus on the given passage to find the answers. However, when it comes to ACT prep, reading newspaper articles, magazines, and novels can also benefit a student on test day. Passages in the reading section cover a variety of topics in the areas of natural science, social studies, literary narrative, and the humanities. A student who reads scientific magazines, history textbooks, and novels can become more familiar with these topics. Also, a student can get into the habit of finding the main idea, spotting important details, and recognizing comparisons as they are reading. In short, a student can be performing test prep while reading a classic novel or an engaging magazine article!

At Veritas Prep, we have effective courses taught by professional instructors who are dedicated to helping students perform to their highest potential on the ACT. Peruse our selection of ACT tutoring packages to find the one that best suits your needs.