The Benefits of Online ACT Prep Courses

Students who are planning to take the ACT want to prepare as best they can for this critical test. At Veritas Prep, we know that students can benefit in a lot of ways from our ACT test prep courses. Our online courses give students the opportunity to receive instruction from professional tutors who have mastered the ACT. Each of our skillful instructors achieved a score of at least 33 out of a total of 36 on the test. This means that Veritas Prep students are learning from the experts! Take a look at some of the other benefits that students enjoy when they sign up for an online ACT prep course at Veritas Prep.

Dissecting the Test

Students who take ACT prep courses online become familiar with the various subjects on the test. For instance, on the reading section of the test, a student must know how to identify the supporting details of a paragraph as well as its main idea. The reading section also tests students on their ability to understand cause-and-effect relationships as well as make comparisons and generalizations. Our online instructors review these skills as well as all of the others that students will need to conquer every section of the ACT.

Learning Useful Tips and Strategies

After students learn about the material on the ACT, our instructors offer strategies that they can use to tackle difficult questions in each section. For instance, in preparing for the reading section, instructors teach students specific words to look for in the question that will help them to determine the correct answer option. In our ACT test prep courses, instructors also give students tips on how to approach seemingly complicated questions in the science section as well as how to spot and eliminate wrong answer options in the math section. Using our proven test-taking strategies, students are able to break down difficult questions on the ACT in a way that makes them much more manageable.

Valuable Practice

In our online ACT courses, students get a chance to take practice tests. Students review their test results with an instructor to determine their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects. An instructor offers individualized advice to a student on how to improve their performance on the test. After looking at the results of a practice test, one student may find that they need to review the topic of coordinate geometry in the math section and work on identifying main ideas in the reading section. Furthermore, the student may see that they had great success with all of the algebra questions in the math section as well as all of the cause-and-effect questions in the reading section. All of this information allows a student and their instructor to create an efficient study plan.

Encouraging Feedback

Our instructors recognize the power of positive feedback. We know that preparing for the ACT can be stressful. Some students come to us in need of a little help in a couple of subject areas, while others want to sharpen all of their skills in reading, math, science, and English. That’s why our instructors provide lots of encouragement to students as they move through our ACT courses. Our goal is to help students gain more confidence in all of the subjects tested on the ACT. We want our students to know they have a partner on their path toward success on the ACT!


Along with the valuable test-taking strategies and expert instruction that students receive at Veritas Prep, they also enjoy the convenience of taking an ACT prep course online. Students can take our ACT prep courses on their computer at home or perhaps in a quiet study room at their local library. In our online classes, they are able to ask the instructor questions and even speak with other students during live instruction. Our ACT courses are ideal for students who don’t want to travel to a traditional classroom or who have busy schedules and need the flexibility of online learning.

We offer students the opportunity to take advantage of a first-rate ACT review course and study resources from the comfort of their own home. Contact Veritas Prep today and get the help you need to ace the ACT!