ACT English Practice and Prep

There are 75 questions on the English section of the ACT. All of the questions are multiple-choice, and the answers can be found in the passages given in the test booklet. Students who sign up with Veritas Prep can get an edge over their peers on the English test. They can benefit from the experience and knowledge of our first-rate instructors. Consider some practical steps a student can take to prep for the ACT English test.

Complete Several ACT English Practice Questions

One of the most effective methods of ACT English prep is to take practice tests. By examining their test results, students are able to determine both their strengths and weaknesses. At Veritas Prep, our online tutors partner with students to evaluate the results of their practice tests. Along with offering encouragement, our professional instructors provide simple strategies to students that serve to improve their overall test performance. The instructors working at Veritas Prep scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT. In short, students are getting tips and techniques from individuals who have mastered the English section of the ACT along with all of the others! Taking practice tests also gives students the opportunity to become familiar with the format of the test and the types of questions they may encounter. Furthermore, completing ACT English practice questions gives students the chance to establish a reasonable pace when taking the test. It’s important for students to allow themselves plenty of time to complete all of the questions.

Become Familiar with the Elements of the Test

Part of a student’s ACT English prep work should include learning the various components of the English test. A student who knows what to expect on the test will be able to approach it with confidence. Knowing what is on the test also helps a student to make their study time more efficient. It is also very useful to students who suffer from test anxiety. These students are able to feel more at ease knowing that there will be no surprises as to the content of the test. Students who work with our ACT instructors have the opportunity to ask questions about any part of the English test. Some students want to know about the length of the passages on the test, while others are interested in the subject matter of the written passages. The answers given by Veritas Prep instructors are based on their first-hand knowledge of the test.

Read a Variety of Publications and Electronic Resources

Reading a variety of publications such as novels, magazines, and works of nonfiction allows students to become familiar with different styles of writing. Seeing how other writers organize their ideas and choose particular words for sentences can aid a student’s performance on the English portion of the ACT. Also, by reading publications and electronic resources, students are exposed to the proper use of grammar and punctuation. These are two more skills covered in the English section. When it comes to preparing for the section on English, ACT practice can be found in the form of an architecture magazine, a favorite e-book, or even a newspaper article.

Read the Instructions for the English Test

A student who opens an ACT English study guide is likely to see the instructions for the test on the first or second page. Reading the instructions for the English test is an important part of ACT prep. English questions on the ACT must be completed in 45 minutes, and by reading the instructions ahead of time, a student can place their full concentration on performing well on the test. Not surprisingly, a student who reads the instructions for the first time on test day is not likely to pay much attention to them. On test day, students are anxious to get to work on the test questions so they won’t run out of time. Students who read the instructions before test day are taking steps to make their test-taking experience as smooth as possible.

Our ACT 36 On Demand courses are ideal for students who want to be fully prepared for the ACT. Practice English questions, learn to use proven strategies, and build your confidence, all under the guidance of one of our expert tutors at Veritas Prep!