Practice ACT English Questions for Students

Students who are concerned about their performance on the English section of the ACT have a lot of options when it comes to getting help. At Veritas Prep, we provide in-person and online instruction handled by expert tutors who each achieved a score of at least 33 out of a total of 36 on the ACT. We use first-rate study resources to move our students toward their best score on the English section of the ACT. Completing numerous ACT English practice questions is key to performing well on this section of the test. In our courses and private tutoring sessions, we guide students through their practice tests and help them pinpoint where they need to improve in order to achieve a high score. In addition, we share strategies that make English questions more manageable to any student. Consider some further information on why it’s important for a student to complete ACT English practice questions and check out some samples.

Students who complete practice tests know what topics to expect on the English test. As a result, they can focus their study time on the English topics that need extra review. Our professional instructors guide students on how to use test-taking strategies as they move through ACT practice questions. English questions are easier to tackle when a student uses Veritas Prep’s proven strategies. A student’s skills in punctuation, grammar, and usage are tested in the English section of the ACT. In many areas on the English test, students are given a passage to read. They’ll notice that various parts of the passage are underlined. The number beneath each underlined passage corresponds to a question at the side of the page. A student is required to substitute one of the answer options for the underlined portion in order to make the sentence correct. Take a look at some sample questions that test students on their punctuation and grammar skills:

  • My sister tricked her dog out of its dog house with a piece of bologna.
    A) No change
    B) forced
    C) lured
    D) cajoled
  • I usually put lettuce, tomato, mustard, and ketchup on my cheeseburger.
    A) No change
    B) mustard and ketchup
    C) mustard, and, ketchup
    D) mustard-and ketchup
  • My brother and me are going to the carnival to ride the Ferris wheel.
    A) No change
    B) brother and me
    C) brother and I
    D) brother, and me

Students must know how to recognize the tone of a sentence and be able to answer questions about the meaning of a passage. Our instructors at Veritas Prep help students improve these skills during practice. ACT English questions require students to understand a passage as a whole. We give students tips on how to break down a passage so they will perform better on ACT practice questions. English test questions sometimes require a little extra thought. If a student gets stuck on a question, our instructors’ advice is to skip the question and return to it later.

Many of the questions in this section of the ACT test a student’s skills regarding the style and organization of a paragraph. Check out some sample questions:

  • My father and I visited Stephenson’s Christmas tree farm every December for twelve years. We would walk through the rows of trees looking for the perfect one. The blue spruce and white pine trees were two of our favorites.
    Question: If the author left out the words for twelve years and put a period after the word December, what effect would it have on the writing?
    A) No effect
    B) It would change the meaning of the sentence
    C) The reader wouldn’t learn that this was a longtime tradition
    D) It would confuse the reader about the narrator’s relationship with his father
  • Our Spanish club held a bake sale to raise money for an upcoming trip. We sold cupcakes, cookies, and pies. Our ten members made four pies apiece to contribute to the sale. We sold a lot of pies, leaving us with just three at the conclusion of the sale.
    If all of these options are acceptable replacements, which one is most descriptive?
    A) tons of pies
    B) a big collection of pies
    C) dozens of pies
    D) a gathering of pies

Finally, we are experts at helping students prep for the English portion of the ACT. We appreciate that students contact us when they want a program of effective practice. ACT English questions are easier to handle when a student is working alongside a Veritas Prep instructor.