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Top ACT Tutoring in Washington, DC

Students living in Washington, DC have a variety of great postsecondary schools they can attend in the area. From George Washington University to Georgetown, there are a lot of different degree programs to choose from. If you are a high school student nearing graduation, you already know about college admissions exams such as the ACT. If you’re preparing to take the ACT, you want to make sure that you’re preparing properly. Veritas Prep can help you in this pursuit with Washington, DC ACT tutoring. Our academic advisors are standing by to tell you more, or you can continue reading below.

The ACT gives students just under 3 hours to complete all mandatory sections, including the Reading section, Science section, English section, and Math section. In addition to these required sections, the ACT also offers a Writing section. If students decide to take this optional part of the exam, it will get an extra 40 minutes to complete the ACT. The required sections will earn students a composite score between one and 36 while the Writing section will earn students a separate score between 2 and 12.

Washington, DC ACT tutoring is an excellent choice for anyone hoping to get maximal efficiency and effectiveness and test preparation. A tutor can get to know a student and understand their capabilities and learning style, and then they can use this information to put together a custom study plan. Washington, DC ACT tutors can then focus on a student’s specific needs to ensure that they are always working on the areas they give them the best opportunity to improve their ACT score.

Another benefit of Washington, DC ACT tutoring is its flexibility. Tutors are available throughout the day, and students can schedule sessions at a time that is convenient for them. Tutors also work through material at the student’s pace, giving them plenty of time to understand a concept that will be covered on the test or the formatting of a particular test section to help students feel confident before moving on to something else.

When you sign up for Washington, DC ACT tutoring, you can also choose your preferred package. Depending on your choice, you can take advantage of live ACT classes or self-study courses, each with plenty of online materials to round out your study needs.

If you’re ready to get started with Washington, DC ACT tutors, reach out to Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are available online or by the phone.

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