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Top ACT Tutoring in Tulsa, OK

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Top ACT Tutoring in Tulsa, OK

If you’re interested in attending a top college in Tulsa, Oklahoma, such as the University of Tulsa or Oklahoma State University, you know that doing well on the ACT test could make a difference in getting accepted. Here at Veritas Prep, we can help you find Tulsa ACT tutoring to give you increased confidence and improved study skills for exam day.

The ACT is divided into four parts, with an optional Writing component. You’ll cover English, Math, Reading, and Science on the exam, with Writing, if desired. Scores range from 1-36 for the first four, and 2-12 for the Writing component. The test takes about three and a half hours for all areas; students covering only the basics have two hours and fifty-five minutes to complete.

Having Tulsa ACT tutors to help work through the exam can make it easier to focus on areas you normally have difficulty in. For example, if Math is a problem area, the tutor can go over what types of problems you’re likely to encounter. Having personalized attention on how to manage the ACT means its less stressful come exam day. With different ways to learn, it’s easy enough to have customized learning options to meet your needs, no matter what they are.

You’ll work with your tutor in an environment that is one-on-one and fits your needs. Together, you can develop a customized plan that focuses on areas you need more help in. Tulsa ACT tutors can assess strengths and weaknesses, discuss your learning style, and figure out how to create the right plan of action for you. By choosing Tulsa ACT tutoring, you’ll get the chance to learn what to expect on the actual test, drawing upon your tutor’s own personal experience and using their guidance. You can try your hand at mock exams, use feedback to help you, and keep on learning until you feel comfortable enough to reach for your goals score.

Tulsa ACT tutoring provides you with learning in a structured environment that is individualized to suit your needs. If you’re concerned about taking an ACT test, now is the time to take advantage of a private tutor and see how their assistance can benefit you. Contact Veritas Prep today and have a consultation with one of our expert academic advisors. We know the first step is scary, but we can help you get started and help you improve your confidence heading into the ACT.

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