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Top ACT Tutoring in Tampa, FL

Around the Tampa, Florida area, some of the top universities and colleges people can attend include the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and nearby Eckerd College. If you are a high school student in Tampa in your junior or senior year, you’re probably beginning to think about the next steps in your education. Perhaps you want to attend one of these local schools, or maybe you are more interested in the program in another part of Florida or even another state. No matter what your preferred school might be, you will need to get through the college admissions process to go there. One step most colleges expect you to take is a college admissions exam. The ACT meets this requirement, so it may be in your future. You want to perform at your best on the exam to impress college admissions offices. One excellent way to improve your test prep is to contact Veritas Prep so we can set you up with Tampa ACT tutoring.

When you decide to take the ACT, you’ll need to prepare for the English section, the Math section, the Science section, and the Reading section. You may also be interested in taking the optional Writing section, especially if the school you would like to attend expects it. You have nearly 3 hours to complete the required sections on the ACT, and each of those sections earns a score between one and 36. Those scores are then compiled for your overall composite ACT score between one and 36. The Writing section, should you choose to take it, earns you a separate score ranging from 2 to 12.

With Tampa ACT tutoring, you’ll be able to focus on the areas of the exam where you need the most improvement alongside a test prep expert. Your tutor can assess your abilities and put together a custom study plan to ensure that you’re always working on the areas of the test where you have the best opportunities to maximize your score. Tampa ACT tutors can present information to you using a teaching style that matches your primary learning style, and they can work at your pace on test material to ensure you feel comfortable with it before moving on.

The individualized approach of Tampa ACT tutoring is not it’s only advantage. Tutors are available throughout the day, so you can schedule sessions on time when you are ready to study. When you work with Tampa ACT tutors, Veritas Prep also allows you to choose from our online test prep choices such as live ACT classes and self-study courses.

To get started with Tampa ACT tutoring, reach out to Veritas Prep today.

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