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Top ACT Tutoring in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is home to a variety of prestigious colleges such as Washington University. Many selective institutions require applicants to submit a college admissions test score from an exam like the ACT to demonstrate their college readiness. This exam covers a variety of subjects that are necessary for academic success in higher education. There are many ways to bolster your study sessions. If you prefer one-on-one learning, consider contacting Veritas Prep to get connected with St. Louis ACT tutors who can work with your individual needs.

The ACT is a standardized exam that is designed to assess your understanding of a variety of subjects as well as your ability to apply these to complex thoughts and ideas. It takes two hours and 55 minutes to complete the mandatory sections in English, Science, Reading, and Math. You get an additional 40 minutes if you opt to include the Writing section. Online tutoring can help you stay focused and motivated as you study for your test.

St. Louis ACT tutoring takes an individualized approach that revolves around your needs. You can work with a private online tutor who knows the ACT front to back. They can introduce you to the format, explain the pacing requirements, and walk you through each section. St. Louis tutors can get to know your needs to develop a custom-tailored learning plan that focuses on the areas you have the most room for growth. They can match your natural pace, assessing and adjusting as necessary to keep you on the right path. Perhaps you need to work on your ability to articulate for your essay. Your tutor can create customized writing prompts, as well as help you plan and edit your assignment. Likewise, they can support your efforts towards time management, study strategies, and other pertinent skills.

One-on-one St. Louis ACT tutoring can bring a unique perspective to your studies. Your tutor can demonstrate test-taking techniques that can help you feel confident and relaxed during the exam. They can break down information in a way that you can readily comprehend. Your tutor may also have you take practice tests or teach the material back to them to demonstrate your progress. What’s more, you can arrange each session around your schedule for maximum convenience.

If you’d like to learn more about the personalized instruction provided by St. Louis ACT tutoring, get in touch with an academic advisor by filling out the contact form or calling Veritas Prep. They can answer your questions or provide you with a qualified tutor.

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