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Top ACT Tutoring in Springfield, MA

High school students in the Springfield, Massachusetts, area have the option of taking the ACT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement of their college applications. The ACT is valid at educational institutions across the country, allowing you to apply to Springfield College or an out-of-state university with the same exam. If you have been looking into Springfield ACT tutoring, Veritas Prep can help you pursue your academic goals.

The ACT has five sections: English, Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. The English section covers topics such as vocab, grammar, and sentence structure. If you are a visual learner, your tutor may create flashcards to help you learn new vocabulary words. If you are an auditory learner, they make work advanced words into everyday conversation to increase your familiarity with them.

The Math section contains questions on subjects like geometry and algebra. You can use a calculator on all problems, but doing so may actually waste valuable time on certain questions. Springfield ACT tutors can demonstrate when and how to use a calculator to improve your score without wasting any time.

The Reading section measures your reading comprehension skills. The ACT draws reading passages from a variety of sources, including fiction, biographies, historical documents, and scientific papers. If you could remember more of what you read, Springfield ACT tutors may show you active reading techniques to help you keep everything straight.

The Science section emphasizes the natural sciences, such as biology and the human body. Some students conduct experiments during Springfield ACT tutoring sessions to illustrate the concepts that might appear on the exam. Your tutor may also recommend informative documentaries to you in an effort to make learning more fun.

The Writing section is optional, but certain programs expect students to submit a Writing score on their application. If you could more effectively articulate your thoughts in an essay, your tutor may show you how to outline your thoughts to make the creative process easier. Creating an outline can also save you valuable time, as you won’t be staring at the paper wondering what to say next.

In total, you have three hours and 35 minutes to complete the entire ACT (including the essay). If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Springfield ACT tutoring, please reach out to an academic advisor using thee contact info provided on this page for all of the details. We look forward to helping you pursue educational success!

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