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Top ACT Tutoring in Phoenix, AZ

The ACT is a standardized exam accepted by institutions around the United States, such as Prescott College or the University of Arizona. The exam is often given to 11th and 12th-grade students as they prepare to send out college applications. One-on-one Phoenix ACT tutoring can serve as a valuable supplement as you prepare for the test. Tutoring is a flexible option that can bring a unique perspective to your study efforts. You can get in touch with an experienced tutor via Veritas Prep, either online or by phone.

A well-known college readiness exam, the ACT is turned in to prospective schools to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts you learned in high school. In addition, it lets schools know how well you can apply these concepts to college-level materials, such as Literature and Mathematics. The exam contains five sections - four mandatory and one optional. These are English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. You have two hours and 55 minutes without the writing and three hours and 35 minutes with it.

With Phoenix ACT tutors, you can spend as much time as you need to study the material, as well as skip over areas in which you feel confident. Your tutor can help you work on your test-taking skills, such as pacing and the process of elimination. You can enjoy flexible study sessions that encompass only that which you need to focus on, whether you want to work on your writing skills or practice critical math concepts. Your instructor can take the time to break down the content in a variety of ways, as well as regularly assess your understanding.

Phoenix ACT tutoring can offer a custom-tailored study plan that focuses on your individual skills, goals, and needs. They can answer your questions promptly, as well as demonstrate the information through unique learning tools. In addition to private tutoring, you can access numerous self-study materials through Veritas Prep. You can download lesson videos, explore comprehensive study plans, and take practice tests in between your study sessions. By combining tutoring and other features, you can take your studying to a whole new level.

Private Phoenix ACT tutors understand what challenges await you on the exam and can assist as you prepare for it. Don’t hesitate to get started. Fill out Veritas Prep’s online form or give us a call to start pursuing your testing goals today!

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