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Top ACT Tutoring in Philadelphia, PA

The high school students of Philadelphia are lucky to have a range of excellent colleges and universities in the nearby area that they can pursue during the next step in their academic careers. From the University of Pennsylvania to Drexel University to Haverford College and many others, the Philadelphia region offers top-notch postsecondary education. For students to get into those schools, however, they will have to get through college admissions. One step in that journey is taking a college admissions exam like the ACT. If you have the ACT coming up, you probably already know that test preparation is important. Veritas Prep can assist you in this process by getting you connected with expert Philadelphia ACT tutoring.

The ACT is an exam that is designed to put students through the paces of what they should know with a section on Reading, a section on Science, a section on Math, and a section on English. There is also a noncompulsory Writing section that students can choose to take if they want to provide the college admissions offices of their choice with that score. The Writing section earns its own separate score on the exam that ranges between 2 and 12. The compulsory sections on the ACT combine for a composite score that ranges between 1 and 36.

The benefits of Philadelphia ACT tutoring are numerous. To begin, tutoring provides a dedicated expert who is focused on helping an individual student reach for their goals on the exam. Philadelphia ACT tutors can perform an assessment on their students to identify where sessions should concentrate to ensure that students are going after their biggest opportunities to maximize their score.

Philadelphia ACT tutoring progresses through material at the student’s pace, focusing on helping a student understand concepts before moving on to something else. The individualized support of a test prep professional allows students to develop a solid understanding of test topics, build test-taking and time management skills, and become confident in their abilities.

When you sign up for Philadelphia ACT tutoring with Veritas Prep, you can also choose from additional online test prep tools that we provide. You can pick from live classes in a virtual online classroom or self-study courses with on-demand video lessons and downloadable study resources.

To sign up to work with Philadelphia ACT tutors, contact Veritas Prep today. Our academic advisors are standing by online or via the phone to answer your questions and get you started.

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