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Top ACT Tutoring in Palm Bay, FL

If you’re a high school student preparing to apply to colleges in the Palm Bay, Florida area, the SAT needs no introduction, but you may also be interested in the ACT. This standardized exam is used by colleges and universities around the country to help identify strong applicants for admission to undergraduate programs. If you feel like you could use an edge in your test prep, Veritas Prep can connect you with Palm Bay ACT tutoring to help you prepare for the exam.

The ACT consists of five sections, four of which are multiple-choice (Science, Reading, Math, English). Some questions may overlap into another academic discipline. For example, a scientific reading passage on the Reading section may test both your reading comprehension and scientific skills. Each section is individually scored on a scale of 1-36, and you have two hours and 55 minutes to answer all questions.

The fifth section is an optional Writing test requiring students to compose an essay in 40 minutes. It might be tempting to skip this section since you can, but some programs require applicants submitting an ACT score to submit the Writing portion as well. If you’re unsure whether you need to take the essay or not, Palm Bay ACT tutors can help you make a decision.

Many students take practice exams during Palm Bay ACT tutoring sessions to familiarize themselves with the test’s content and formatting. Your tutor can also review your work to determine where your academic strengths lie, as well as any areas of opportunity you could benefit from reviewing further.

Palm Bay ACT tutors also introduce flexibility to the test prep process. You are free to choose the timing of every session, ensuring that you don’t need to give up a hobby you enjoy just to study for the ACT. You can also choose what you go over with your tutor. For example, a student who has a hard time retaining information they have read may focus on active reading techniques to make the Reading section seem a little easier.

Perhaps most importantly, Palm Bay ACT tutoring allows teacher and pupil to forge a personal relationship. Not only can it be easier to ask for help in a learning environment categorized by mutual trust and understanding, but your tutor can also design sessions around your unique learning style to improve study efficiency.

Whether you hope to attend a local school like Eastern Florida State College-Palm Bay or an institution in another state, Veritas Prep can help you get an ACT score you can be proud of. Contact an academic advisor using the information below for more information today!

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