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Top ACT Tutoring in Minneapolis, MN

As a high school student in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you have a number of great postsecondary schooling options. Hamline University, the University of Minnesota, Augsburg University, and the University of St. Thomas are just a handful of the excellent schools that local students may choose to attend. When you’re looking at one of these colleges or another outside of the state, you may need to provide your scores on a college admissions test like the ACT as part of your application. Veritas Prep knows that a proper test preparation plan is the best way to put yourself in a position to do your best on the ACT. That’s why can help you connect with expert Minneapolis ACT tutors. Contact us today or keep reading to learn more.

The ACT is a standardized exam and one of the two popular college admissions tests along with the SAT. It consists of five sections, though only four of those are required. These are the English section, the Math section, the Reading section, and the Science section. The fifth section is Writing, and it is generally optional, but some colleges and universities do require it. If you take the full exam, you will have three hours and 35 minutes to complete it. Without the Writing portion, the ACT lasts for two hours and 55 minutes.

Minneapolis ACT tutoring is one of the best ways for students to prepare for this exam efficiently and effectively. Minneapolis ACT tutors are able to focus on the areas of the exam where you can improve most significantly. If you don’t happen to know what those sections might be, a tutor can perform an assessment of your skills to put together a customized learning plan for you. Then you and your tutor can work together on your goals in sessions that cater to your primary learning style and needs.

Minneapolis ACT tutoring is also flexible, so a tutor can meet at a time that is convenient for you. Furthermore, a tutor can teach at your pace, ensuring that you have ample opportunity to understand a concept or a new test-taking skill before moving on to something else.

If you feel like Minneapolis ACT tutoring is right for you, reach out to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep today. We’re ready to find you an expert test prep tutor who is eager to work alongside you towards your ACT goals. Academic advisors are available by phone or online to get you started.

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